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Linkspam 3: The Race and Class Edition

EDIT: Apologies for giving you all the wrong link for the “The Nouveau Poor, The Working Poor”. The proper link is now up!

Blame WordPress. I didn’t intend to link race and class issues today. In fact, I was feeling much more lighthearted. Then I hit the wrong button and everything was gone. And unlike LJ, you have to actually press the draft button to get anything saved. So I got grumpy and pissed off. Went to soothe my annoyance with some kirk/mccoy slash…and when I returned, found the links leading me to a heavier theme. oops. I shall strive to collect lighthearted stuff next week, I promise….

Massachusetts decides to curtail healthcare coverage for 30,000 legal Immigrants Huh. And in a progressive state too. Funny thing how budget cuts never seem to affect the military industry, but somehow human resources are blithely targeted. Interesting priorities we’ve got here.

Generation R(ecession)

In the press this week were intriguing portraits of young people finishing high school during turbulent economic times, stories that individually — and especially collectively — illustrate the powerful ways in which starting points shape one’s life trajectory.

The Nouveau Poor, The Working Poor The New York Times has been lately consumed with profiling the straits that the obscenely rich have now plummeted to, now that they can no longer afford that extra yacht or whatever. Contrast that that, of course, with those of us whose health care is caput, or whose children are suddenly on free lunches, or who have lost their homes entirely….

Teaching With UrgencyThe difference between teaching in a school with resources as opposed to a school with little or none.

Teachers File Racial Discrimination Suit Against Obama Administration’s School “Turnaround” Plan What I want to know, is how exactly does the United States expect to remain on top when it keeps squandering all its human resources like this? Commons sense would tell you that this is BS. Then again, educating the young does not make megabucks. Unlike creating weapons of mass destruction.

On the rec list for today is RaceWire a blog that you all should be reading. Here’s a selection:

Food Inc. Shines a Light on the Immigrant Labor That Makes That 99c Patty Melt Possible [VIDEO]

University of California Regents Vote to Give Honorary Degrees to Interned Japanese American Students

Race Wire goes to teh Movies: Harry Potter Edition

What Race Really Has to Do with The CA Central Valley’s Fight for Water

While all of that is going on, Adam Sheppard, a college educated, able-bodied young white straight single American, decided to prove that you can too, pull yourself up by your bootstraps! (With a credit card in your back pocket just in case. And the ability to get off the experiment when your dad gets ill. But I digress.) Naturally, he got a book deal I, having had quite enough of the BS, dug up the following series (sparked by teh wide interest in the introduction to the priviledge checklist to teh blogosphere) by Racialicious last year.Has Class Trumped Race Part 1 Part Two Part Three And they address some of his shenanigans here.Part Three Point Five From the same period:Has Class Trumped Race? From The Rickshaw Diaries

Book of the week: Accidental American: Immigration and Citizenship in the Age of Globalization This is one of the best books on immigration that I have read so far. Here’s an interview with the author and here’s an excerpt. Have yourselves a good week!

4 thoughts on “Linkspam 3: The Race and Class Edition”

  1. Sanguinity says:

    Thanks for the reminder about Accidental American! I wanted to read it when it first came out, but I had trouble getting a copy.

  2. Jonquil says:

    ” Funny thing how budget cuts never seem to affect the military industry, but somehow human resources are blithely targeted. ”

    In California, we are cutting health-care aides, mental-health programs, and of course education. The prison budget? Absolutely untouched, because the prison union is untouchable.

    Other states are furloughing non-violent inmates like mad, but not California.

  3. parallax says:

    Your Nouveau Poor, The Working Poor link goes to RaceWire’s HP movie post.

  4. unusualmusic says:

    @parallax: That should be fixed now!

    @ Jonquil: Well, this is what you get when people refuse to understand that taxes is what makes governments work.

    @Sanguinity: Well, hopefully you will be able to get it. Its really really good.

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