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The Second ABW NYC Meetup

I promised you a long time ago that we would have another NYC meetup for ABW readers and fans. Sorry it has taken me so long to set another up. As in my last post, layoffs, upheaval.

People who went to the FaceBook page may have already noticed that I scheduled another meetup for June 13. We’ll be at Society Coffee instead of a bar. Hopefully this time and place will exclude the least amount of people and the advance warning will allow you to make plans. If you’re on FaceBook, RSVP there. If not, you can let us know if you can or hope to come in comments. I hope many of you can come!


When: Saturday June 13, 4PM
Where: Society Coffee, 2104 Frederick Douglass Blvd @ 114thth Street, NYC
What (to bring): Just yourself and enough money to buy a drink or treat so that the cafe will not give us the evil eye. Bring friends!