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McCain Chose Palin?!

Palin? Okay, I know I’m not remotely a Republican, but this makes no sense to me. Why would he pick someone who is already under investigation for possibly trying to illegally use her clout as his VP? I can see the theory of “Well it’s a woman” but now we’re back to “This woman?!” which isn’t exactly helpful IMO. Not only is she under investigation, by all accounts she has even less experience than Obama in a major office (she was mayor of a small town before becoming Governor) and given McCain’s age I have to say I’d have preferred he pick a woman with more experience and no ongoing scandals if I were a Republican voter.

I’m not in love with Obama’s choice of Biden, but I can understand the reasoning behind it. Biden brings a lot to the table in terms of attracting those voters that had issues with Obama’s experience level as well as voters that just weren’t going to like voting for a MOC. And while I suppose in theory the thought process behind choosing Palin is to attract those disgruntled Hilary supporters that say they won’t vote for Obama if Hilary is not on the ticket, one would think he’d have chosen a woman with an ideology closer to theirs since Palin is firmly anti-choice and by all accounts a creationist. I suppose she could appeal to the more conservative elements of the Republican constituency, but I wouldn’t think the hard line right wing would be willing to vote for a woman. Thoughts? Points I’m missing?

Karnythia is a writer, a historian, and occasionally a loud mouth. In between raising hell and raising kids she usually manages to find time to contemplate the meaning of life as a black woman in America. Her posts on any topic can be found at her Livejournal.

97 thoughts on “McCain Chose Palin?!”

  1. Nicki says:

    I don’t you missed anything. I had to google this woman to find out who she was. And I agree with the theory that he picked a woman in hopes to attract the Hilary people. As if they would just say “Hey McCain picked a woman as his VP! Who cares about the issues I’m going with him” That’s pretty insulting.

  2. Ceci says:

    It’s a horrible choice. With that said, I feel that it had been made on two levels:

    1)For McCain to snatch the reins of the historical spotlight of Obama’s run for office. After all, he could not just let Obama have a landmark moment. He has to be the scene-stealing diva–one way or another.

    2)McCain has to give the appearance that the Republican party is slightly “progressive” after Obama’s speech called them out on their behavior.

    To me, the pick of Palin is the same as the Republicans using Black folk to promote their cause as being “compassionate conservatives”. They want to use that as a “shield” in order to win, even though people can see through the Emperor’s new clothes.

    Other than that, I think Palin was a bad decision. I could also see if Mitt Romney or Joe Lieberman was picked. But, I agree that this will not sit well with the hard-liners not one bit. After all, they still want us to return back to the fifties, God forbid. :(

    Take care,


  3. karnythia says:

    As a historic choice Palin just doesn’t do it for me since Geraldine Ferraro has already been the VP pick for a major party.

  4. Incertus says:

    What it really comes down to, I think, is that the top people in the McCain campaign really think that most women are stupid, that they’ll vote for anyone sporting a pair of ovaries, even though recent history, especially in the Republican party (Liddy Dole for President, anyone?) shows that’s not the case.

  5. Ceci says:

    Karnythia: Palin doesn’t do it for me as well. To me, it’s just that the Republicans are trying to steal the thunder away from what was truly a watershed event in American politics. I think that is one thing that you can take away from this.

    I also second Incertus’ notion that the RNC thinks women are stupid and will vote for any woman in such a position. As with the Hillary business and now with Palin, I am just as vigilant about their records as I am with any male politician–especially in this election cycle. :)

  6. tanglethis says:

    Agreeing with those who are thinking that Pallin is chosen as a “token” woman – but I actually don’t think it’s going to alienate too many people. The “hard-liners”, such as they are, are actually a pretty small group of people when all is said and done. I imagine that the majority of Republican voters are actually men and women a lot like Pallin: people who work, raise families, and buy into the softer edges of hardline rhetoric (“a marriage has always been between a man and a woman! Save a child’s life – end abortion!”) because they’re doing logic wrong.

    I wouldn’t vote for her in any election, because I do not agree with her values. But if I hear anyone in either camp hauling out the same kind of sexist rhetoric that we heard earlier in the campaign, I’m going to scream and shout just as loud as I did before.

  7. Kayle says:

    This is CRAZY. This election just went from ‘historic’ to ‘Bizzaro’ and turned the whole thing into a circus in less than 24 hours. This is such a slap in the face from McCain. I guess Obama was right: he really just “doesn’t get it.”

  8. Adam says:

    Karnythia and Ceci:

    I do agree that this is a political strategy to shift focus from what the historic significance of Obama’s nomination. I was certainly impressed with Obama’s speech.

    I expect that the Republican Party will play some these cards:
    1) A mother of five. (The committed mother and career woman image.)
    2)One of her children has Down’s Syndrome. Expect some emphasis on people with disabilities.
    3) Her husband is of Native (American) Alaskan descent and a blue collar worker. (Striking contrast to McCain and his wife.)

    If the Democrats bring up the lack of politcial experience (as you rightfully have Karnythia), the Republicans will know exactly how to turn it on them as Bill Clinton criticized the “lack of experience” argument in his speech at the DNC.

    I respectfully disagree with several of you that people on the conservative right will not vote for a women. They have voted for conservative Congresswoman in several areas of the country.

    Also, I could be mistaken, but I do not believe that the Republicans are not targeting Hilary Clinton’s supporters as much as the are going after conservatives whose reception of McCain has been very lukewarm.

    No, I disagree that the RNC thinks women are stupid. They are seeking to get their conservative voting base back.

    Also, many of you have heard about ‘Reagan-Democrats” in the 1980s. There is a fast emerging group in the U.S. called the Obama Republicans. It is people like these and other political independents that they want to woo back.

    Oh…and Karnythia: Do you recall when I suggested in another forum that Obama will be just another politician who is no more/ no less honest/dishonest than McCain? Well…I may very well be eating my words. My opinions on Obama have changed considerably since I wrote that. (I strive to be as intellectually and emotionally honest as I can be.) I have dared to allow myself (a liberal Republican) to be inspired.

  9. Sandra says:

    I think it was a smart decision on McCain’s part. He’s stolen Obama’s thunder, emphasized Hillary’s absence from the ticket, and still picked someone far to the right. Palin will bring more focus to him than Romney would have, from that critical undecided set of voters.

    And alas, I think people WILL consider her gender and vote for McCain. Imagine yourself truly on the fence in this election (which I figure none of us here really are) – if it’s a coin-toss between Obama and McCain, how do you choose? Well, if I was on the fence, yes, I’d vote my ovaries…

    ..luckily I ain’t on the fence and have never voted Repub in my life.

  10. Julia says:

    I think this VP pick only makes it more of a watershed moment: for the first time in our history, both major parties are running a “minority” candidate. McCain realized that the typical old-whtie-guy ticket wasn’t going to have enough juice.

    Granted, I don’t agree with Palin’s politics/values and I certainly don’t want her and McCain elected. But I do think it’s a positive thing that he felt he needed a woman.

    Remember when people were saying that they didn’t think Obama could get enough votes to win the nomination? You guys, he did it, and he forced the Republican party to adapt too.

    Palin is very young (44), so she balances out McCain’s advanced age, which has come up fairly often as a problem that voters have with him. Also, being as not-widely-known as she is, I suspect McCain’s camp think that most people have no preconceived opinions about the scandal (her being under investigation), so they can spin it to paint her in the best possible light. Her inexperience fits into this as well, because she hasn’t been around long enough to cast votes that she now vocally disagrees with, hasn’t made gaffes like Biden churns out all too often… she can be made to look like whatever the McCain camp thinks will go over best with their voters. Finally, she’s anti-choice (McCain has been less firm on that point than conservatives probably like), she’s in the NRA, she’s a hunter (and she’s from Alaska, which gives the whole gun/hunting thing more credibility). In those ways, I can see a lot about her that helps McCain appeal to the base.

  11. tanglethis says:

    Well, if I was on the fence, yes, I’d vote my ovaries…

    That’s just it. My ovaries want to vote for someone who will look out for them, and that ain’t the pro-life ticket.

  12. Foxessa says:

    Palin is the Hail Mary play.

    She loves guns and loathes gun control — she likes to shoot polar bears.

    She’s a creationist.

    She’s anti-choice, and evidently that extends to contraceptives, and is anti ssm.

    In other words, she’s there for the the reThug base, the radical right wing xtians.

    Was it mentioned she’s a Hail Mary play? For a party that is in not such good shape for this election cycle, so it doesn’t really matter?

    But what it did do is keep the chattering class focused on that old bad-tempered guy who really doesn’t like or respect women, instead of talking about the good things of last night’s events, or about Katrina Disaster (today’s the third anniversary), or about Gustav, which may have the reThugs postponing their own CON.

    Love, C.

  13. Elena Perez says:

    The choice of Palin seems to be a very cynical one with the belief that women only care that it’s a woman on the ticket, not about what that woman stands for. We’re writing about this over at the CA NOW blog too:

  14. davka says:

    I know this may seem silly, but I also think he chose her for her attractiveness. I hear so many young people talking about how good looking Obama is and how this a sight for sore eyes after so many years of old, ugly, wormy white men. W

  15. davka says:

    I know this may seem silly, but I also think he chose her for her attractiveness. I hear so many young people talking about how good looking Obama is and how this a sight for sore eyes after so many years of old, ugly, wormy white men. We live in a very visual age and people respond to good looks. It’s proven children will naturally think good looking people are “nicer” than less attractive people. I think he is also just trying to take some attention away from how tired his image is.

  16. Adam says:

    Julia: Politically, I think it is a brilliant move on the part of McCain. I would expect to hear things like “a working, soccer mom will become a VP”…” through grit and determination a YOUNG woman navigates the landscape of the old boys club”…or “a mom who chose Life for her Down Syndrome child”, etc. I think the Republicans will use many nuances.

    Davka: Republicans need good looking people too! LOL!

  17. Mary says:

    This is a brilliant choice in terms of playing to the base, but the idea of Sarah Palin – a creationist with less foreign policy experience than George W. Bush who supports abortion IN CASES OF RAPE – is utterly terrifying.

    I hope McCain has totally shot himself in the foot with the national security crowd.

  18. Mary says:

    I also want to say how much it pisses me off that Sarah Palin’s nomination is being called “historic.” The Democrats had a female VP nominee 24 years ago, since when do the Republicans deserve a fucking cookie for finally getting with the program?

    It therefore also completely trivializes the TRULY historic nomination of Barack Obama.

  19. E Mungin says:

    I’m a little peeved with McCain decision. To think women are that shallow to support a woman VP solely on the strength of being a woman is insulting and absurd. In addition, let us not soon forget what the Bush Administration stands for “Oil”. What do Palin stand for “Oil drilling’s.”

  20. Adam says:


    Please note that I used the word “brilliant” only in the context of politics. (Like a chess move.)

    You are right though about this not being historic – I am old enough to remember seeing Gerladine Ferraro speaking when she ran with Walter Mondale.

  21. Renee says:

    But Palin is selling herself as every womans woman. She paid homage to Ferraro and Clinton in her speech. She spoke explicitly of wanting to shatter that glass ceiling. The problem is that gender alone is not going to make her appealing. The women that support Hilary are feminists and they are not going to be fooled by this colluder.
    Palin isn’t about progressing womens issues she is about throwing us under the bus to achieve power. She supports patriarchal values on every single level. Most will find her offensive because this smacks of any woman will do.

  22. jared says:

    I wish everyone would stop playing the “experience” card. Palin may not have as much experience as the next politician, but look at many presidents past and you’ll see that some of them didn’t either and were some of the most influential of all. Also, I keep hearing women talk about how they feel so offended that this was the woman picked to woo their vote. GET OVER YOURSELF!! For crying out loud, I’ve never felt offended that my generation (20-30 years old) is being targeted by MTV and the liberal media to vote democratic for the past umpteen years by every Tom, Dick and Harry in a political suit, but you don’t see me crying about it every election. Good for Palin to stand up for unborn children, good for her to endorse oil drilling and to secure your hummer and lexus gas guzzling desires. Good for her to be fearless in a political world of ridicule by the media and countless internet attackers like this site. I hope she is successful in her running and proves all you people wrong.

  23. batguano101 says:

    Palin is an outstanding choice on many levels.

    As time goes by you will click on who threw you under the bus, used the “PUMA” emotional draw to deceive you for personal gain, and it was not Palin. Give it some time, it will become clear by and by.

    McCain made a wise choice.

  24. Susie says:

    I disagree that it’s a brilliant political move. He’s given up a lot for what he’s gotten, which isn’t that much.

    Her being female is a nine-days’ wonder. In another month, no one will be that impressed, especially if she spouts a lot of insanity, which, since she’s an actual creationist, something relatively few Americans are, should be easy to elicit. A few well-placed remarks from Hillary Clinton will neutralize her appeal to many if not most of the women she was meant to pull in. And you can bet Hillary’s going to make them, because the implication of this selection is that someone who’s been the Governor for less than two years of a state with a population under a million, and whose highest previous office was as Mayor of a town of less than 10,000, is interchangeable with her because they’re both sporting vaginas. It’s a slap in the face, and disgustingly sexist.

    Meanwhile, McCain’s entirely lost the single biggest piece of ammunition he had against Obama, which was his age and relative inexperience. Anyone who watched the convention knows that that was the major talking point of the Republican commenters. And now it’s gone.

    McCain’s known for being impulsive. I would bet that he’s smarting from the McSame rhetoric coming from the Democratic convention, and reacted in anger in an attempt to regain his image as a maverick. But he can’t change his voting record, and cute is only going to last so long. He’s playing to the hard-core conservatives, but he’s most likely lost the moderates, and I think in the long term he’s made a decision that will contribute to losing him the election.

    Why? Three words: Vice Presidential debates. I don’t know her, and I suppose it’s possible, but the likelihood of a relative novice, male or female, being able to go toe to toe with a veteran of Biden’s skill seems very, very slim.

  25. Mary says:

    But I think that’s what they’re counting on – the idea that Biden can’t go at her with both barrels, or it will appear that he’s bullying Palin.

    Which as a woman, I find totally insulting, because if Sarah Palin can’t handle Joe Biden, what’s she going to do if she has to face Vladimir Putin? But I know a lot of people who “felt sorry” for George W. Bush when he got his ass handed to him by Al Gore in the debates, so I don’t underestimate that as a factor.

  26. Mary says:

    Hi Adam – I agree with your use of the word “brilliant” and yes, we meant it in the same sense. :)

    I actually didn’t mean my comment as a direct reply to yours, but of course reading all the comments over now, I can see how it looked that way.

  27. Julia says:

    I heard a radio clip of Geraldine Ferraro giving a general note of support to Palin… not for Palin’s values or politics, but because she’s a woman. Did anyone else happen to catch more of what Ferraro said, because I felt like I needed to clean my ears out or something. I know Ferraro has said a whole bunch of offensive and ignorant things this election cycle, so it’s not like I have high expectations of her, but… really? With Palin’s insane politics/values? I wonder if McCain also chose Palin with an eye toward neutralizing the rhetoric of Clinton and Ferraro, thinking that any attacks they make on Palin will be tempered by their overall support for mainstreaming female candidates for Pres/VP.

  28. Susie says:

    Ferrraro has shown her ass, and I don’t think Clinton’s that in love with her, since she probably did nearly as much to lose her the nomination as Edwards did. I wouldn’t count on Clinton’s chiming in with her.

    I’ve discovered, to my sadness, that there are a lot of women out there who confuse feminism with female chauvinism. It’s so incredibly stupid.

    As far as handling Palin adroitly, and showing her up in the process, my money’s still on Biden. Because again, she’s painted into a corner by claims she’s made about asking no quarter as a female. Here are some interviews conducted earlier in the year with her — see the second, “The Perceived Whine”:

  29. Renee says:


    Any woman that advocates a pro life stance is throwing my best interests under the bus to achieve a political objective. She could raise a quiverfull of children and that would still not entitle her to the right to be able to control my reproduction.

  30. A. says:

    Oh my god…the media keeps talking about how they should go easy on her because she’s an attractive mother of five.

    What I say? Biden, fuck her up.

  31. Foxessa says:

    She’s a polar bear killer.

    Hammer, hammer, hammer away at that. She likes to kill polar bears with guns, and you can’t even eat them.

    No kid in the country will allow their parents to vote for that.

    Yes, I know. Me telling my parents who to vote for / not vote for would have gotten me killed. But a large number of people I’ve encountered volunteered their support for either Senator Clinton or Senator Obama was based on what their often very young — 3 – 4 – 5 years-old — children told them.

    Kids adore polar bears. Think of the campaign ads you can make with these!

    Wasn’t in the least happy with Clinton’s response to this. This wasn’t a bold move breaking the glass ceiling. This was outright pandering and desperation. Nobody wants to run with that evil and evil-tempered old bug. He wanted Lieberman, and Rove said no. Rove wanted Romney and the ‘cain said no.

    Yup. The crazy righwing xtians love her.

    But that doesn’t change the fact that children lurve polar bears and Palin loves to kill polar bears. With guns. So not even fair bear hunt, like with a spear the way the Inuit did it. Or used to do it.

    Love, C

  32. Foxessa says:

    Gads, the ‘cain and women — the ads you can make! This is behind him: the woman he deserted for a younger vastly wealthy woman. This is the present: the woman he’s married to that he’s driven to stealing drugs. This is the future: the woman who loves to kill polar bears.

    The question isn’t, “Would you want to have a beer with this guy?” The question is, “Would you want your daughter married to him?” The other question is, “Would you want his choices to be vice president of your nation?”

    Love, C.

  33. Ceci says:

    First of all, I’d like to thank Adam for his response to my post because it does shed some perspective on why Palin might have been picked. But unfortunately, I must disagree with the notion that this choices was brilliant.

    I think people forget that McCain’s pick is also wrought with “white privilege”. This is especially problematic because it demonstrates once again (especially to some folks of color) that there is a double standard when it comes to “race” and experience. Throw the issue of white women into it and because even another ball of wax. I still feel that feminism, in general, mainly has to do with middle-class and rich white women. So, when they are saying that they are trying to appeal to the women who supported Hillary, you know specifically who they are targeting: older, white women who are disgruntled and rather insensitive about race. They still get put on a pedistal while black women (and black folks, in general) continue to be diminished and condescended after such a watershed event at Mr. Obama’s acceptance speech.

    But, I doubt Hillary will remember that. Ferraro hasn’t. And the way things are spun in the MSM, there will be other groups (than simply white women) that will be ignored.

    It conveys a sense of smugness and nastiness the way all of this went down. And I find that the pick of Palin offensive to women in general; it is also offensive because of the underlying message which diminishes the struggles that Black folks have gone through to get to the point in time that a Black man could accept his party’s nomination as president.

    And McCain diminished this event deliberately.

    I’m sure that this will not be an aspect that is entertained in the MSM. It would have to require a little bit of insight and honesty on the part of the pundits. :(

    Thus in this case, respectfully, brilliance is in the eye of the beholder.

  34. Ceci says:

    Please forgive my typos and lack of editing:

    The “ball of wax” line should read that the issue of gender and race would be another “ball of wax”, especially when it has to with white women and the issue of Palin being deemed “historical”. :(

  35. Cindy says:

    Hate to burst your bubble, killing polar bears is illegal. But, as in other states, there are certain animals that can be shot – oh my God, you shoot animals? Uh yes, and put the meat in the freezer and eat it instead of buying the chicken and cow meat you eat from slaughterhouses where the animals are treated to the most inhumane conditions. What a bunch of hypocrites. I bet not a single one of you live west of the Mississippi. So when DOES life begin? That little heartbeat on the ultrasound isn’t a life??????? Sarah Palin walks the walk. She is one of the most intelligent, hard working, independent, honest, full of grit and compassion women I know. You people know squat, but pass judgement as if you have a CLUE! By the way, where is Obama’s birth certificate? That stay by a judge has been overruled and will be moving forward in the courts. HE WAS NOT BORN IN THE US!!!!! I respect the man, but rules are rules, and until Congress changes that one, he shouldn’t even be running. (Did anyone mention dirty real estate dealings on the south side of Chicago????). Sarah’s ethical investigation involves state trooper commisioners, etc (good ol boys) who refused to do anything about a rogue trooper who TAZERED his stepson, drove drunk, drank on the job, and had DV concerns raised by his various ex-wives. Excuse me, I think she was trying to break the old cycle of “protect your own” and insure public safety!! She pissed of the old guard boys and they’ll do anything to get back at her! She even took on Exxon over the gas pipeline and beat them at their own game. Now THAT”S change!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. karnythia says:

    Cindy, you do know the only witnesses to those allegations about her BIL are her and her sister right? He only did a 5 day suspension while the allegations were being investigated because they could not find any independent witnesses to any of his “crimes”. And plenty of our readers live West of the Mississippi (and south of the Mason-Dixon) and are still not fans of hunting. As for the “Obama wasn’t born here” rhetoric? His mother is an American which makes him eligible even if he was born off U.S. soil though that rumor is not true. In fact if anyone’s citizenship is questionable it’s McCain’s since he was born in the Panama Canal Zone the year before it was established that being born to a U.S. citizen outside the U.S. still conferred citizenship.

  37. Delux says:

    Can someone tell me when did Hawaii stop being a state of the US? Did I miss something?

  38. Foxessa says:

    My family always have been, still are, hunters and fishers.

    They don’t kill endangered species, and the eat what they kill, and they don’t fly it down with gun-turret helicopters which is one of the way Palin thinks hunting should be done, and they do with wolves, fox and coyotes — the Cheney way of the hunt, or what others call shooting fish in a barrel. Ain’t sporting and it isn’t useful either.

    Palin believes in hunting polar bears, wolves and whales too. Most people who know they are endangered, do not believe in hunting those animals.

    She wants to drill in the Alaska Wildlife Refuge, for what everyone knows is very small amounts of oil, and that can’t be extracted in any meaningful way for years — and anyway, Exxon would just sell it to China, not to US uses, because they are Big Oil and they don’t consider themselves a part of the U.S. Our resources are merely colonial property for them to extract for their benefit. That’s the kind of person Palin is.

    She also also believes in creationism, and doesn’t believe in contraception or reproductive rights. She doesn’t believe in legal relationships between same sexes.

    Most people dislike all of what she likes and wants to do.
    Love, C.

  39. Sis says:

    Think of it this way: there will be blacks or aboriginals in the White House next election. Now that’s something I would have thought you’d be thrilled about.

    Her husband is as “coloured” as is Obama.

  40. Kanika says:


    Barack is a US citizen…Born in Hawaii two years after it became the 50th state.

    I can’t speak for anyone here, but I do not consume meat…Even if I did, there is no way I can justify hunting for sport. It’s barbaric and cruel.

    Needless to say, I don’t think that McCain’s choice was the best in the world…She has even less experience than Obama (which was McCain’s trump card) and is way too far to the right for many feminist and swing voters (who he really needed to appeal to the most, imo)…

    I also agree w/Ceci here-

    And I find that the pick of Palin offensive to women in general; it is also offensive because of the underlying message which diminishes the struggles that Black folks have gone through to get to the point in time that a Black man could accept his party’s nomination as president.

    It’s no real coincidence that he chose to announce his veep pick the day after Obama made his acceptance speech …Talk about stealing one’s spotlight…LOL

  41. Sis says:

    But that doesn’t change the fact that children lurve polar bears and Palin loves to kill polar bears. With guns. So not even fair bear hunt, like with a spear the way the Inuit did it. Or used to do it.


    Her husband and her children are Inuit, and if it applies in Alaska as it does in the Canadian Arctic, Inuit have a right to take Polar bears (to a certain quota). In fact, in some jurisdictions, ONLY the Inuit have this right.

    In mid Arctic areas, treaty people and some Metis have similar hunting rights, which are their birthright. I’ve never actually killed a bear, but I’ve eaten a lot, and have a bear claw necklace, the right to own also my birthright.

    The real world that most of the population of the world inhabits does not always include puffy toys and packaged meat, or clothes made in China bought at Walmart, to keep you warm at 60 degrees below zero.

  42. karnythia says:

    Sis, there’s a huge difference between a POC being in the White House with no power and being there as the leader of the free world.

  43. Sis says:

    Leader of the free world? I don’t think so. Most of the world, including Canada, is not under US ‘leadership’.

    Regarding tUS leadership of its own territory, I think it’s great there’s some incursion, and diversity. It’s a long long way from Bush, or Reagan, for example. And a lot farther ahead in that area than we are.

  44. karnythia says:

    Given the current nature of the global political landscape I’d say it’s more than accurate to count the U.S. president as someone whose decisions have an impact the world over. View that as you wish, but make no mistake there is no comparison between being President and being the spouse of the Vice-President.

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  47. Sis says:

    No of course no comparison. But definitely, positive, and a change from wasps.

    Re leader of the free world: causing wars, invading other countries and thousands upon thousands of deaths the world over is shameful, not laudatory.

  48. karnythia says:

    I wouldn’t call it much of a change as he’d have no power to do anything. People of color who work in the White House (see Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice for this administration) will have amuch more meaningful impact. And the U.S. does a lot more than warmonger. Or do foreign aid and humanitarian missions only count if someone else does it?

  49. Ceci says:

    To be honest, mentioning Palin’s husband’s ethnicity (1/8 Inuit) is only a ploy by the RNC to seem progressive when on its real face it is being utilized as an exploitive, derogatory measure. It is used yet again to counteract the pioneering effort Mr. Obama has made.

    And McCain’s camp has used many things to exploit anyone and anything (the latest being Hurricane Gustav and memories of Katrina) in order to get into the WH. So, this is not a surprise to me that people would be mentioning “how ethnic” Palin’s husband is.

    A small question here: what race or ethnicity does Palin’s husband refer to? Does he openly talk about his 1/8 ethnicity with pride or does he keep it under wraps and pass because of his skin color?

    Can anyone clear up this issue? Thanks.

    Either way, it brings up yet another issue about “white privilege” and how it influences perceptions in this election cycle.

    And Kanika, thanks for having the patience of reading what I wrote. :) That post was written in haste because of the issues I wanted to put on the table. :)

  50. Ceci says:

    And just one more question: how can a party that deems itself to be colorblind all of a sudden utilize Palin’s husband’s ethnicity as a talking point now?

    This is one answer I’d like to get if anyone would oblige. :)

  51. davka says:

    Palin is trying to keep polar bears off the endangered species list so they don’t interfere with oil-drilling. I can’t believe people on here are saying it’s a native rights issue. She isn’t promoting the rights of Native Alaskans to hunt Polar Bears- she is trying to keep Bears from being protected because her loyalties are with special interests.

    karnythia and foxessa, you ladies pwn. Don’t let these irrational naysayers distract you with their crap.

    SIS: Palin looked really good in her Polar Bear fur jacket on tv. Wait- she wasn’t wearing one. Lol.

  52. Adam says:


    I agree with several points that you made -especially your comment that feminism has benefited white women more than anyone else. My wife, being a woman of color, knows this full well.

    When I say “brilliant”, I not referring to Palin herself, or her qualifications, or political experience. The fact that McCain chose her will give their platform a whole new buffet of ways to spin and frame this election differently. (Just when I thought McCain had no more ammunition. You, me, and others on this forum will see through it. Most of the voting public will not.

    Imagine if you will a ‘Rocky” or underdog type of story where a woman navigates the landscape of man’s world and rises to the top. Or images of her youngest child with Down’s Syndrome being used as she discusses her belief in “the right to life”.

    Mantras like this: ” A common soccer mom with no Ivy League education (unlike the liberal elites) can rise to the top – a testament that anyone can make it, etc.”

    As far as the RNC using Palin’s husband’s background as a talking point, I am not certain. I was only speculating – I am simply trying to anticipate their strategies.

    Keep the faith.


  53. Foxessa says:

    Her husband is Big Oil — works for British Petroleum. (so much for oil drilled out of the Alaska Wildlife Refuge staying home to reduce oil prices about 30 years from now). He races sled dogs. They own at least 3 houses.

    A good description of him and the issue of conflict of inrterest of a guy who works for BP married to the gov of Alaska or a VPOTUS can be found here.

    Many Alaskans are outraged that she said today that she didn’t support the funding of that infamous Bridge to Nowhere, as there’s enormous, uncontrovertible proof that she did. So much for her lack of corruption and dirty deeds, of which there are so many — just as a mayor of a small town and a few months as a governor!

    Love, c.

  54. Sis says:

    Her husband is a grunt working in the very lowest labouring job.

    I know. I have a son-in-law and brother working at that kind of job. It’s the kind of job for someone with no education to speak of, and it’s a physical job. Ie) Not sitting at a computer dissing someone’s life choices, which basically, were from a gamut of A to B.

    I’ve lived in the Arctic most of my life; Born there. I’m aboriginal. The choices in the Arctic are resource jobs, or death. No one south of 60 gets to tell us what we should or shouldn’t do for a living, when you’ve all poached off us for all your existence.

  55. Sis says:

    How many of you are pure African? Anyone? Your parents both black African born in an African country, and their parents and their parents and their parents ad infinitum, all African and no white ancestor anywhere. Hold your hands up now.

    You are implanting your black south culture (*south of 60) on people who are not black. We are not white, but we are not black and we do not cleave to the same culture you do.

    Amazing how you all, none of you without white blood I’d bet, demand he should be.

  56. karnythia says:

    Who is implanting culture on anyone? He is not visibly Inuit which is why people are questioning whether or not he’s been living as Inuit. Passing as white is passing as white regardless of the mix.

  57. msjboogie says:

    McCain’s choosing Palin makes no sense whatsoever. Not only is it pandering to women, but it insults women’s intelligence. His choice assumes that women will not actually compare Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin’s ideologies. McCain would have done better to choose Condoleezza Rice as his running mate. Palin will appeal to conservative women, not a particulalrly large part of Hillary’s base, and those women who are willing to overlook political ideology in their quest to get a woman into the White House or avoid seeing a Black man elected.

    McCain has just shot himself in the foot. May the arguments that Barack is unqualified because he doesn’t have enough foreign policy and national experience, is too young, and hasn’t served in the military be forever laid to rest! I am all for women assuming national office, but let’s get real for about 2.5 seconds: don’t tout being the mother of 5 and having a child with Down’s syndrome as a qualification for president. If that’s the case, every soccer mom should be running. What can we expect from a man who thinks crashing his plane into the ground a few times makes him qualified to be president. lol.

  58. Sis says:

    Of course he’s been ‘living as Inuit”. All the Inuit in the north who work, do so for the oil industry, hunt and fish with their band rights. What do you think “living as Inuit’ means today, in 2008? We are not living in a National Geographic special.

    He most certainly is visibly Inuit. Aboriginal people’s cannot be judged by black (American) race standards. First, Inuit are not “black”. Neither are most northern First Nation peoples. We are more fair than you’d expect. I think it must have something to do with needing lighter skin to absorb Vit D during our 10 months of winter and night all day.

    And second: he is VERY Inuit looking when you know what to look for. I recognize it immediately. High cheekbones, small slightly tilted eyes, small down sliding nose, low forehead. small close build. And a demeanor of shyness and respect, which I think I see, but would have to see him move and in action a bit more to confirm.

    Today, Inuit men can be as tall as 5′ 10″ but rarely. Most are still around 5 foot 2 to 5 ft 4 inches. If I saw him walk, and heard him talk, I’d recognize another couple things.

    There are virtually no Inuit in Canada or Alaska who do not have white, or ‘Indian”, or black or some other race.

    And there are no jobs in the north, for white or Inuit or black that are not connected to resource extraction, directly or indirectly. That is the way southern governments see us: what can we take from you to keep our lifestyle going.

    I’ve lived in the north almost ALL my adult life. You starve if you do not work for oil, gas, or mining, or take southern American hunters out to shoot a bear (on quota). Why? Because the left and southern governments now own our resources and we can’t even fish or hunt without your approval, and telling us when and where and how much. Our children are dying of drug escape, our young women of prostitution to your men who come north for adventure.

    Palin, so far, I’m not giving her unqualified anything, but I think at least will see her own children when she make decisions that affect northern peoples. The colour of one’s skin is not the qualifier. This is not the oppression Olympics. Believe me, her children have known racism, as well as, which we see now comding from Democrats first: sexism.

  59. karnythia says:

    Who was saying this was the oppression Olympics? Or expecting a National Geographic’esque lifestyle? You say you recognize specific features as being Inuit, I can look at those same features and see European heritage. There’s a big difference between being a minority all the time and being one when it’s convenient which is the question on the table here. You seem determined to infer many things about the thoughts and backgrounds of the people commenting without any actual words of the sort being written. Palin is deeply underqualified and IMO was a terrible choice especially since the vetting seems to have missed some major details. People are questioning the traits being held up as desirable as a result.

  60. Sis says:

    I read. Then I responded. I didn’t expect I had to quote, but if that’s required then I will.

    Sorry. We just don’t divide it the way southerners do: “difference between being a minority all the time and being one when it’s convenient”.

    You are trying to judge him from your perspective. One of privilege I might add, having lived the native life, I know how people in the north live.

    Here’s a very famous Canadian Inuit woman. She was born just across the Canada/Alaska border. She would be, very likely, the same race Inuit as Mr. Palin, since there would not have been such ‘border’ distinctions among the people. She too, works for the oil and gas industry, in fact, started it.

    I’m pretty much talking about misjudgment being thown at her, related to her husband. He’s Inuit. Trust me. All who have lived with him would attest to that, I’m sure, unless they had some ulterior motive. Her children are Inuit. She, of course, is not, but to her credit, has chosen to live as much like the modern Alaska Inuit do live as possible.

    As for inexperience; I’m not too familiar with what an American senator does. A governor now, that’s similar to the Premier of a province. And Alaska is some “province”, with the wealth and resouces of a Fortune 500 company. She’s been running it.

    What does a senator do?

  61. Sis says:

    And something else I’d like to point out, about my people and his, and our way of life if we don’t head south: oil companies, mining companies, they have to promise, or sign, to hire a certain number of us, in exchange (another story if this is fair or not) for maurading our land.

    The fish are dying, we are not allowed to hunt seals anymore (thanks all you city-dwelling lefties) all the north is melting and dying, and so are the animals we once lived off.

    So our young men work for the oil companies, and our kids have tv and stereos, and we hope, will get degrees and university educations and get into municipal and state and national government, where they know who they are, oh yes they sure do, even if you don’t.

  62. Mary says:

    Sarah Palin is the biggest trainwreck of a VP nominee since Tom Eagleton.

  63. Ceci says:

    Adam: Thank you very much for your reply. You clarified your position well and I appreciate it. I am also very glad that you are sensitive to the other nuances that come from the Palin nomination. I understand the perceptions that are being presented when dealing with Palin. I also agree that some people might view her as a “contender” (a la Joan Allen in the movie “The Contender’).

    But unfortunately, her resume, voting record, public acts, civic service and now family life (her daughter being pregnant) points to problematic issues that disrupt such an impression. Scrappy, she might be, but what is slowly coming out on her only points to rash judgment on McCain’s part.

    I view this entire situation differently because I believe that the RNC is setting the bar very low in order to let people believe the meme that she is a woman breaking the glass ceiling.

    There are candidates who are also far right and fit the mold better. But as I read on another site, that her pick was a way to reconcile McCain with the Evangelicals.

    But they didn’t bank on her soap operatic life hitting the press so quick. O_o

    I appreciate your kindness and candor in your reply. I wish you a wonderful night. :)

  64. Ceci says:

    Sis, thank you for your answer.

    But I have to agree with Karnythia’s response. There’s a difference between minorities who can pass in society and those who don’t. I think that is the point of contention here.

    Therefore, I’m afraid that my question wasn’t answered. I would like to know whether Palin’s husband passes as white in his daily life.
    This wasn’t answered, so I’ll put this out there once again.

    I’d like to clarify a few things as well:

    There’s also privilege in being 1/8th Inuit and pronounced white characteristics as well.

    In an (American) culture which promotes “whiteness” all the time, this is a rather important point.

    But there are ways that can further define how he views himself as an ethnicity.

    Does he promote Inuit culture? Does he surpass his white characteristics to fully accept himself as Inuit and not white? Does he speak any dialects or languages related to the Inuits? How does he treat full-blooded Inuits who cannot fully pass as white in American/Alaskan culture? Does he publicly speak out against any racist or prejudices committed against Inuits?

    Does he campaign for Native American rights? Does he speak out about Inuit History and Culture? Does he actively teach those around him about Inuit ways? Does he contribute to or participate in ceremonies or events that the Inuits have?

    I can understand where you are coming from. And, like black folks, there are all types of Native American people as well coming from a variety of spectrums.

    But, there’s a long difference between Palin’s husband, the woman you posted and the picture of Inuits on this page.

    I apologize for all the questions. I mean no harm. But, I find it fascinating how white folks utilize the “one-drop” rule when it means to render their own skin color invisible and to get out of saying that they have privileges that other folks of color do not. That’s what I see here. No offense.

    I thank you for your perception, considering.

    (P.S. first time using the different tags in the post. I hope they work out. :P )

  65. Ceci says:

    Correction: I meant, in my post when I meant how Todd Palin viewed himself ethnically, I meant racially

  66. Adam says:


    You mentioned, “I view this entire situation differently because I believe that the RNC is setting the bar very low in order to let people believe the meme that she is a woman breaking the glass ceiling.”

    Yes….You nailed it!

    McCain and his staff knew they needed to avoid another white male on the ticket. They needed someone different, but also someone who still towed the party line. By nominating a woman, they knew that any criticisms of her by others could easily (and convincingly) be framed as “unfair attacks”…”victimized by the media or the extreme left”…or..”persecution”….or…”sexist”. Even the teenage pregnancy will be spun as…”we’re only human and we’re taking responsibility for our actions”….etc.

    You also stated: “But as I read on another site, that her pick was a way to reconcile McCain with the Evangelicals.”

    Oh yes, it is. And reconciling they are:

    All The Best To You,


  67. Adam says:


    I am not sure my intended post made it. I will try again. I apologize in advance is this is redundant.

    You stated: “I view this entire situation differently because I believe that the RNC is setting the bar very low in order to let people believe the meme that she is a woman breaking the glass ceiling.”

    Yes, McCain and Company knew they needed someone other than an aging white male to tow the party line. By choosing a woman, they will be able to easily (and quite convincingly) frame any criticisms by others as an “unfair attack” or “persecution by the media and the extreme left” or “sexist attacks”.

    And yes, the Evangelicals have put their running shoes back on:

  68. metahara says:

    She is a handle and the axe will always vote for a handle.

    I think a radically conservative “yes” woman is exactly what the conservatives will vote for.

    As for Hillary voters suddenly becoming radically conservative and voting for Palin because she has a cooch
    pullease, that’s an insult to all women.
    But, it’s an understandable strategy coming from men who understand only voting for men
    or who propagated sexism towards Hillary when she was in the running.

    That party never fails to make me shake my head in jaw dropping confusion.
    And our country does the same when we continue to elect those M.F.ers.

  69. Susie says:

    You know, I’m white, so maybe I have no place in the discussion, but arguing over how Inuit Palin’s husband is seems like a total boondoggle to me. It’s the kind of argument I’d think Republicans hope leftists will get into.

    There are so many issues with Palin’s candidacy to discuss — the utter hypocrisy of her stance on abstinence-only sex education, for example, given recent developments, or many others that have already been named — that seem so much more germane to me. I don’t know where discussing her husband’s racial make-up gets us but in an argument. Maybe there’s an aspect I’m not seeing, and if so I’m sure someone will let me know, but it seems as if we’d be better off focusing on Palin rather than him.

    I think one factor in her selection was as a lightning rod for possible hypocrisy from the left, frankly, and we have to make sure we avoid gratifying that.

  70. Ico says:

    It’s hard to say how Palin will play out at the moment. Most everyone I know is Dem or Independent and supported either Barack or Hillary during the primaries. Of the latter group, I can’t think of a *single* one who would vote for McCain/Palin, nor can I think of a single reason to do so. If it’s a play for Hillary supporters, it will fail.

    I think she was picked to bolster McCain’s conservative credentials and energize the base. Republican women are excited. Maybe some independents, too.

    A few bloggers, like Historiann, mentioned that any misogyny directed Palin’s way by “progressives” and/or the Obama campaign could suppress the Dem women’s vote. I tend to agree with this.

    Not sure how the media frenzy will play out but so much of it is really disgusting… Sarah Palin is a terrible candidate, just like McCain, because of her godawful *policies.* I want both of them to lose because of that. Not because of our culture’s misogyny.

  71. dianne says:

    I don’t have time to read all of these comments, so this may have all ready been said:

    Palin is EXTREME Right – SO, he gets to pander to the “fan base” of Conservative Fundamentalists by picking ths young woman AND look progressive at the same time by picking this young woman.

    And as was stated above, it can also be played as “Look, there’s no glass ceiling.”

    That said, can’t stand her!

  72. Foxessa says:

    “Her husband is a grunt working in the very lowest labouring job.”

    He absolutely is not that at all, for pete’s sake!

    He has a very highpaid BP production manager job — and it is union protected (like so much with these people, i.e. rightwing gops, do not as I do, but what I say — and Palin is no unionist, but he’s protected — and very well paid.)

    To say he’s a grunt is just false. His job allows him to harvest salmon and sock-eye (both of which are endangered). Alaska is too small for that kind of false statement to be gotten away with. Too many people know these people too well.

    Go here for everything you ever wanted to know about them, written by a Wasillia resident, who knows them for years.

  73. Foxessa says:

    By the way, Sarah Palin was born in Idaho, not Alaska.

    It was in Idaho she met her husband. Att college.

    These are all facts that anyone can find, if they are interested. It’s really easy finding all these facts about them right now.

    Though the GOPS have sent dozens of operatives to Wasillia and Alaska to scrub anything deemed the least bit incriminating, just as they scrubbed and scrubbed her wiki. But eveidently some not-operatives have already been going through the Wasillia town archives.

    She fired a librarian becaus the librarian wouldn’t do what she said, just like the troopergate thing she’s involved in. Then the local powerbrokers got her an administrator to do her job because the town was rallying to do a recall on her as mayor. She escaped by running for governor as a ‘reformer.’ She’s as much a reformer as my potholders are reformers. She does lie though, it appears, more and more and more.

    Love, C.

  74. dianne says:

    Oh, I just read the comments – where is this train going? Boy howdy. Some thoughts:

    1) Until one has lived somewhere where it is 60 BELOW zero for days on end, I respectfully suggest that one may not understand the lifestyle choices that requires.

    2) And, yes, some of us can “pass” as white, and yes, we benefit from it. But it’s rarer to “pass” when one lives near one’s tribal land.

    3) This has what to do with how good/bad a choice Sarah Palin is? Maybe I am confused….

  75. Ceci says:

    dianne, on September 2nd, 2008 at 3:55 pm Said:

    Oh, I just read the comments – where is this train going? Boy howdy. Some thoughts:

    1) Until one has lived somewhere where it is 60 BELOW zero for days on end, I respectfully suggest that one may not understand the lifestyle choices that requires.

    2) And, yes, some of us can “pass” as white, and yes, we benefit from it. But it’s rarer to “pass” when one lives near one’s tribal land.

    3) This has what to do with how good/bad a choice Sarah Palin is? Maybe I am confused….

    The reason why I asked about Todd Palin was not to disrupt the conversation about Sarah Palin. Nor, was it used to steer away from any other criticism about McCain’s choice as V.P.

    I asked because I found elsewhere in the blogosphere white people willing to bring Todd Palin’s Inuit heritage up as a way of saying that the GOP was being more “progressive” and “open” because of McCain’s choice of VP. And since there were people who were touting Mr. Palin’s Inuit roots, I wanted to know how he dealt with his own ethnicity/race. I also wanted to know whether he himself saw himself as Inuit, white or both. As a result, the “one drop rule” should be also brought into this discussion because “white privilege” pretty much plays into this entire scenario.

    I mentioned that I meant no harm in asking such questions.

    Being a person of color, I notice that sometimes “ethnicity/race” is used by the dominant culture to get out of owning up to privilege. They are also used to say that one “isn’t racist” or is “colorblind” as if it is a palatable excuse.

    I respect the life-style choices of others regardless of culture and skin color. But just the same, it is very important in the on-going dialogue about race, “the culture of whiteness” and its impact on society as a whole.

    It has to do with Sarah Palin because people are using this also as a factor in their comparisons with Obama too. It has popped up on rightist blogs as well as some of the political websites about this issue. I wanted to ask in hopes that someone might give me a straight answer that wouldn’t involve evasion of the question. Along with the exploitation of Sarah Palin’s gender, Todd Palin’s ethnic/racial background has used as well by the right.

    And knowing how cynical the RNC is about race and gender in this election, it is no surprise how Todd Palin fits into this as well.

    So, yes, it is an issue which deserves to be discussed since we are in a ground-breaking election in which the tried and true is being challenged by new parameters. Issues of race, gender, age and societal position are being intersected everywhere by not only the candidates, but the issues too.

    My apologies to the ones who are perturbed by this line of reasoning and the uncomfortablity surrounding the subject matter.

    Take Care,


  76. Ceci says:

    And Foxessa, thank you very much for your links. They were not only very informative, but helpful in finally putting a face on the Palins and their political leanings.

    The more that I read about them, the more scared I get. Sarah Palin is a frightening woman–both at the local and national level. I hope that people use good judgment not to elect her because she’s ruthless, lacks empathy and not a very ethical person at all.

  77. dianne says:


    I misunderstood where you were coming from. This is actually pretty much the only blog I read (all the others I have tried to take part in just make me angry), so I didn’t know that his heritage was being used that way.

    My discomfort came from my personal realtionship w/ and experience of) the subject matter; however, if the “GOP” plays up his heritage to show that they are progressive or that racism is “over,” then yeh, have at ’em.


  78. brownstocking says:

    @ dianne: Someone was curious, but it can point out hypocrisies in a group, when WOC are characterized as welfare queens who drop litters all the damn time. If they identify as “of color,” then the rallying behind them is ironic or just effed up. If they fully exercise (which I would believe is the case) their white privilege, well, now, it’s a family thing that should be left out of the public eye.

    You can call Malia and Sasha’s mom a baby mama and terrorist, but a little out of wedlock, abstinence-education clearly failing pregnancy? That’s a “family” issue and should be left alone. EFF the BS (seriously working on reducing the cussing)

    I am just not happy that people aren’t focusing on the CHOICES that they were allowed to make. And know that, were the shoe on the other foot Malia wouldn’t be left alone at all.

  79. Keke says:

    @ Sis,
    I’ve been reading your comment about how the “arctic is dying.” One of the major reasons the fish and wildlife are dying off is because the US is one the biggest producers of waste. Because of that, the ice is melting, the ecosystems are dying and Bush refused to sign a treaty to curb carbon emissions. Oil drilling will only do more harm to the Inuit way of life and it won’t really make an immediate difference.

    People are questioning Palin not because we are all totally Pro-Obama, but because the only activities she’s been involved in have been newscasting, a beauty pageant and finally becoming governor. She hasn’t had a lot of experience in the political arena. Obama has worked closely with local and state governments and been involved in lots of political activities. Even if Palin were a democrat with different views, I would still question the logic of choosing her as VP.

  80. dianne says:

    brownstocking –

    I agree that these folks are incredible hypocrites, and as I stated to ceci, I didn’t know how this was being played out by the right-wing (I tend to avoid a lot of things these days or I get so angry i can’t function).

    I also agree that white priviledge plays into how the Palin’s are able to to talk about what is a “family matter” when it’s fair game for the media to treat Obama’s lovely family like they are anything other than a lovely family. And you are right, Malia wouldn’t be left alone.

    I admire how Obama is responding to all this as well – even though his family hasn’t been treated with the same level of respect. And he is setting a tone of respect that will make the racist attackers look even worse. He is handling things with aplomb and care that I can barely aspire to (and won’t that be a great thing, for a change, in a President).

    My response wasn’t about that though. It was about debating how “Inuit” a man is (and as stated, it turns out that Ceci was doing this in response to the right and not to something here) and about attacking the Palins over a way of life that has a lot to do with living in extreme conditions. The first, to me, speaks of a misunderstanding of the Native experience; the second to a misunderstanding of what it means to try to survive at 60 below. It does NOT change that the Palins are (to me) scary people. Like you, I cannot understand how any PoC or women could support them.

    As with everything, we bring a personal experience to the conversation. Mine involves being a “white-looking” PoC (who Native peoples have no trouble identfying as Native*) and winters that are 20 below (no thanks to the 60 below).

    *I don’t want to go on at length about ME, but I am happy to talk off-line about this, with the understanding that I only speak for me; I am not a representative for any tribal peoples.

  81. Ceci says:

    Thank you, Dianne for your answer. I also thank you for your passion, respect and your tact.

    Hurting anyone’s feelings is the last thing I would do. And I believe what the RNC, the right and the Palins are doing is rather reflective of hypocrisy because of the exploitation of race, ethnicity, gender and social positioning is involved.

    And despite my doggedness in this question, I don’t want to see anyone mistreated or exploited. I just want the truth, plain and simple about what people think.

    Even with the risk involved with such a provocative question, I am glad that I put this out there so I am able to learn from the rest of you more about this issue. And I am very grateful. :)

    Brownstocking: Exactly. There is a double-standard afoot here in the touting of the Palins versus the Obamas. That was another issue that I wanted to get at with my questions. :)

    Take Care,


  82. Sis says:

    I’ll just say that I don’t understand this “passing” as white. This is very American, very Black culture related. In the north, we know who we are, whatever our skin. And some of us are lighter than others, some, red haired and some blue eyed. The woman and child are from a different race. They are from a different people, and from the Arctic Archipelago. The people ARE different, but that is the area where I’ve lived, and where I have known red headed blue eyed Inuit. Whose known antecedents looked like that woman. But she’s in the minority.

    However, I’m sorry. We just don’t divide it the way you do. You’d not be welcome in any community in the north if you tried to do that. I’m sorry.

    I’ve really derailed your thread, and I don’t want to go on and on. I just wanted to defend my blood, my kin, because in a way, I see Mr. Palin as that, and my homeland. The north is something special, in many ways not only that you cannot divide us so easily from each other. We just don’t see that colour that you do. When we live together, and have the same aunties and uncles we know we are kin. When we hear the same accent, whether our language be full, or halting AS IT IS FOR THE MAJORITY as we lose everything, we still know each other.

    As for *exactly* what his heart is, I don’t know. You know what, native people are often reticent to talk about it.

    You might enjoy reading this. Peace.

  83. Sis says:

    I mean, YOU would be welcome, but a divisive point of view would not.

    And again, regarding the Wikipedia picture, well it represents just what I started out talking about: the National Geographic idea of other races. I can just imagine the photographer looking around for the darkest most sterotypical person to photograph. Because it was for outsiders to view, to meet their stereotypical view of the north.

  84. Ceci says:

    I thank you for your comments, but I have only one thing to say:as much as I have to learn about Inuit culture, you have to do the same about Black people.

    Your comments about us are exceptionally shaped by stereotype and colonialist thinking.

    Maybe it is time to get off of your high horse and start asking questions about the Black culture to learn about us.

  85. Sis says:

    Some more accurate photos of the people of Iqaluit, the major city of Nunavut, which is over 2,2oo miles from Anchorage, and the people don’t even speak the same language. Note how light the skin. But even in these not very good black and white photos, you can SEE they are Inuit, not white because of the features. I have parkas like this, still. I would say, everyone in these photos but maybe the very pale Irish looking little boy in the pool, is Inuit. This community would have maybe a half dozen white families, at any time, who would be transient and with government or air traffic control, or the military. So now I really will stop posting.

  86. Ceci says:

    Sis, again, I thank you for the links and the pdf.

    I am clicked on them and have downloaded the pdf. I am also glad for the information because I’d like to know more.

    Take care,


  87. Foxessa says:

    Here’s a link that brings another perspective to Palin’s Troopergate and bil.

    Here’s a detailed report on how she slashed funds for assistance to POOR unwed mothers and their babies, from the Washington Post today. This is why there is no way to keep her family situation out of this political campaign. She’s the prime example of the rightwing xtian who insists on abstinence only as sex education and denies any real infromation, access to contraception and abortion by invoking the sacred mother and child and family, but gives not a goddam for anybody who is without funds and resources. Those mothers and babies and families can go starve, and in fact, in their opinion, that’s exactly what they want and think ‘those people’ deserve. How many of those denied assistance by her hand-cutting those provisions from the budget do you think were Inuit, by the way?

    They are resume padding her record shamelessly. She didn’t even have a passport before she went to Kuwait to visit Alaska National Guard (which are under federal command, not state, unlike what they have said). They count that stop at a barracks in Kuwait and a stop on the tarmac in Ireland to refuel as ‘overseas fact-finding.’ A fuel stop at an airport in Ireland counts as foreign leader experience? Puleeze, caucasion.

    In other words they and she, in her own tradition, are lying, lying, lying, like they always do. While calling foul that the media are investigating her and her family’s background. They even ORDERED the media to stop investigating or else “You’ll be sorry.”

    We really cannot afford to have her a heartbeat from the oval office. Well, we can’t afford to have that out-of-control old bug in the oval office either.

    Mobilize! Organize! Vote Obama!

    Love, C.

  88. Sis says:

    Thanks for allowing me to post. I understand your excitement about Obama.

    I guess I got carried away, and took a little trip home. I am so homesick now. :(

  89. Diane J Standiford says:

    I find both McCain and Palin CHILLING. We MUST get out and vote Obama. By any means necessary.

  90. davka says:

    It says on Wikipedia that his mother is 1/4 Yup’ik. If he can claim to be a minority and a person of color than I can too because I am 1/4 roma. GIVE ME A BREAK! He is white. Whiter than the snow capped peaks of Denali.

    I cannot believe people are really calling in his heritage as a sign of diversity. It’s like when a sexist pig says, “I don’t hate women! I looooove women.” Obviously, people are not getting at all.

  91. davka says:

    And please quit with the arctic hubris already. I just spent month in Alaska and your lifestyles aren’t so different from ours. She isn’t trying to keep Polar Bears off protective lists because she wants to hunt them and cover her children in their fur. She wants to let big oil in to pillage the place. How can any Alaskan claim to be so proud of their land and the diversity of the wildlife therein while supporting big businesses that want to render the entire place into a wasteland? It makes no sense to me.

  92. batguano101 says:


    “render the entire place into a wasteland”

    The solution to this is clear.

    Utah Carl, early tv personality in Houston Texas, began each program with-

    “Im just the wonder of the wasteland,
    ridin along thinking of days gone by.
    And when Im feelin kinda lonesome,
    I sing my cowboy lulaby.”

    The tv camera focused on one boot with ” Utah” on the side, then the other boot tapping time with “Carl” on it.

    What does an early tv singing cowboy with the unlikely name of Utah Carl have to do with Alaska and the presidential race?

    Absolutely nothing!

    Just as this topic and debate has nothing to do with it.

    It is noteworthy that a singer/guitar player was referred to on the TV show as “old blind-o”, a terrible insult to the disabled.

    Also the guitar player “old blind-o” was shown tripping over the huge TV cables of that era each time, just as the boots were shown at the start of each program.

    All of that seemed senseless at the time, as does this now.

  93. davka says:

    Actually I think it’s interesting how people try to spin anything into minority status to promote their own causes. I think its interesting and worthy of discussing and it happened here and people are responding, so get over it or join the discussion.

    The Palins are white and need to be addressed as so instead of trying to steal Obama’s thunder with imaginary minority status.

    I think this topic has a lot to do with why she is a shitty candidate and it needs to be addressed since there are people who are obviously buying into it (see above.)

  94. batguano101 says:


    You have your focus, yet the US government is about to take over Fredie and Fanny mae to the tune of several Trillion (not billion- Trillion).

    Yet our nation is trillions in debt, is borrowing money to pay the interest today.

    If we were in any way arguably not to the point of no return, unable to repay our debts, this should nail it.

    A mega depression is in sight.

    Rather than talk of these serious issues that will affect survival of us all, or the crimes and corruption inside the financial institutions including Fredie and Fanie, our most important banks, celebrity type trash talk is spun one way and another.

    If the USA, and world economy, collapse due to the corruption in the USA, you may get very interested in this very fast.

    It very well may turn out much more important who caused, profited, and is being protected by sidelining the serious issues in the presidential election than any other aspect of the election.

  95. davka says:

    We can talk about all of that and the phenomenon of imaginary-minority-status all in one place. No one here is unaware of those points you are raising. This blog deals with specifics of race and gender in a unique way that can’t be found anywhere else. I think this is a very appropriate place to discuss this issue and I think it’s an interesting one. I’m done responding to your condescending ass now. Bye.

  96. Ico says:

    Hee, well Politico is chock full of idiot comments, but there are some amusing ones. The following tickled me:

    HOW TO START EACH DAY WITH A POSITIVE OUTLOOK 1. Open a new file in your computer. 2. Name it ‘McCain-Palin’. 3. Send it to the Recycle Bin. 4. Empty the Recycle Bin. 5. Your PC will ask you:’Do you really want to get rid of ‘McCain-Palin?’ 6. Firmly Click ‘Yes.’ 7. Feel better?


  97. pam O. says:

    McCain made a very wise choice of Palin. Period.

  98. karnythia says:


    As new stories hit the press about Palin the choice becomes even more questionable. YMMV of course, but I think it’s safe to say that there’s ample cause to question the choice to have her on the ticket.

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