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10 thoughts on “More funny images inspired by the election”

  1. nojojojo says:

    This whole animation is teh luv. I giggle especially over that psychotic image if McCain. =)

  2. nojojojo says:

    OF McCain, sorry. Just woke up. -_-

  3. KrisTina Ackerman says:

    I laughed out loud at this, and literally held my breath when Barack was evolving! “McCain becomes confused!” pure hilarity.

  4. OneShySistah says:


  5. jim says:

    Couple of thoughts about Hillary and her campaign..

    1- She’s pretty much only in the running because someone she’s closely related to had the presidency before. And that didn’t work out so well last time it happened, y’know? The whole “inheriting the presidency” thing surely can’t be a good idea, can it?

    2- She looks remarkably similar to Meryl Streep in The Manchurian Candidate. I admit that’s not a serious political point, but I’m watching the film right now and it kinda makes me shiver…

    One of the Dems is gonna have to drop out at some point, if they are to have any real chance of running a candidate for president. I’ve just got a horrible feeling that Hillary will hang on no matter what happens, even if it costs the Dems a real shot.

    Any thoughts anyone?

  6. Mari-Djata says:

    This is SO cute!!! Pokemon rocks!

  7. marci says:

    sometimes i wonder who in hades has the time to do this stuff..
    but this has made my morning….
    too funny…

  8. Juan says:

    Automatic love!

    There needs to be icon form of that. =)

  9. myst3kpyro says:

    My favorite part is where Obama’s CHANGE wipes out McCain.
    Great animation.

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