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Talk to me about Fantasy

This weekend I’m putting together an online roundtable of writers, readers and editors to talk about their favorite and must-read Fantasy books and stories by or about PoC from 2007 (and in general). I also want to have some discussion of the problematic issues with the genre in terms of PoC and how, going forward, writers, readers, and editors can work to correct them.

Tentatively, this is happening on Sunday in the afternoon (so that we can include folks from the West coast). It’s either going to happen on GoogleTalk or AIM.

If you have ANYTHING at all to say about Fantasy Literature by or about PoCs, you should take part. If you want to take part, click the Contact Me tab at the top of the blog and shoot me a note and how to contact you via email.

17 thoughts on “Talk to me about Fantasy”

  1. Americaneocon says:

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  2. Angel H. says:

    Americaneocon: Wonderful post on the subject of “fantasy.”

    We *love it* when White dudes tell us po’ Black folks how to run our own lives!

    [/sarcasm…in case you needed a clue]

  3. Americaneocon says:

    ngl H.: m nt wht dd. thnk y nd cl. Myb ths wll hlp:

  4. Angel H. says:

    As a student of African-American politics…

    So what? You want a cookie? Even as a “student of African-American politics”, from what I’ve read, you’re still pretty clueless about the realities that many African-Americans face.

    Also, this is a fantasy thread. Not an “allow-me-to-plug-my-blog-and-showcase-my-agenda” thread.

  5. Americaneocon says:

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  6. nojojojo says:


    Delete my posts if you don’t like them.

    Ask and ye shall receive. (Though only disemvoweling, not total deletion. Yet.) Especially if you refuse to stay on topic, indulge in stereotypical ad-hominem attacks, and simultaneously demand that others engage you intelligently while you promote your own cookie-cutter neocon rhetoric. You’ve got your own blog as your podium; you don’t get one here too.

    (Except… aww, I see not many people seem to be commenting on your blog. What a shame! Guess you need to work harder at going out and provoking random strangers to come slapfight with you, huh? Try the next race-discussion site, please. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get lucky, and your transparent tactic might actually work there.)

  7. nojojojo says:

    Oh, and everyone — remember! Please don’t feed the troll! =)

  8. Katie says:

    How did this discussion go? I would love to know!

  9. Ico says:

    I second Katie’s remark. :) Would love to hear about it. <3

  10. Americaneocon says:

    “ts gvn tht wd-sprd, gvrnmnt-snctnd rp ccrrd ll whl ths wmn wr dnd th rght t cmmnct wth nyn n th tsd, rprsnttn b lwyr, d prcss, nd vn n nswr s t whn th mght b rlsd.” Tht’s nt vr rgrs. Tht’s n ssmptn bsd n dlg. Whr s yr vdnc? Hw bt sm cttns?

  11. the angry black woman says:


    The comment you posted has nothing to do with this post. You’re now on moderation. If you intend to take part in a discussion on this topic, you’re free to post in the appropriate thread. If I deem your comment to be within the scope of the post and not condescending or dismissive in any way, I’ll let it through.

  12. Juan says:

    Third among the curious remarkers.

  13. Bellatrix says:

    This is great, I’d love to see hear it went as well. Lately I’ve been searching for *good* fantasy novels that feature main characters of color. I came across Acacia a while back and I’m thinking about ordering it from I havent come across any other books so far. Even though i think it was pretty cool of JK to have many characters from a variety of backgrounds in Harry Potter, it would have been even better if one of them had a main role (like Ron or Hermione). Does anyone have any recommendations? :-)

  14. Pai says:

    Try the Earthsea series, Bellatrix. =)

  15. Cstanford says:

    I just found this blog and it’s too bad because I would have enjoyed taking part in this discussion if I could have.

    I have enjoyed speculative fiction for a long time but I haven’t read any fantasy written by non-white authors yet. I have read two SF novels by Samuel Delaney and think he’s one of the best I’ve ever found.

  16. Katie says:

    Zahrah the Windseeker by Nnedi Okorafor Mbachu is a good YA choice.

  17. Liz says:

    I really liked Zarah the Windseeker. I can’t wait to read the sequel… and this reminded me to go and order it. Yay!

    I also read Imaro and Imaro 2: The Quest for Cush.

    Will you post some of the discussion, or a summary? I’m sorry to have missed it…

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