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I’m very much enjoying the discussion about feminism in the previous post, so I’m reluctant to start a new topic (and I still haven’t finished my essays on the subject).  Instead, I will mention that I was on the News & Notes Blogger Roundtable again Monday.  I had the pleasure of meeting Farai Chideya in person!  (She was in town to attend the talk mentioned here.)  It was really awesome to finally put a 3-D face to the voice, and she was very nice.

We discussed tracing ancestry through DNA, forced immunization of kids in Maryland, and a missing black student in Mississippi.  On the last topic, I mentioned the Missing Minorities blog, but incorrectly stated that it lives at  Eek!  I came home to discover that some squatter owns that URL, and they most likely suck!

Anyway, it prompted me to change the Social Justice sidebar thing as I had intended to weeks ago and never did.

Follow the links above to listen to the audio.  You should subscribe to the podcast if you don’t hear News & Notes on your local NPR station.  It’s a great show.  And they now have a blog, which I read but always forget to mention.