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Monthly Archives: August 2007

TV Week on the blog

I have a bunch of posts that I wanted to write about TV shows and race and gender and I had this silly idea of spreading them out over the summer as I completed them.  This pipe dream did not come true.  And since the

More on Strange Horizons

SH has extended their fund drive, so if you haven’t had a chance to donate yet, you’ve got a bit more time to do so.  From Susan’s post:  There’s something interesting about the non-profit fund-drive model: in some ways, it’s not primarily about the money. 

International Blog Against Racism Week – Ask the ABW

[digg=]It’s that time again, kids! IBARW. I’m against racism, obviously. And, I have a blog. It’s a perfect match! This is the second annual such week, and let’s hope it continues until racism is, well, gone. I participated last year and that post is still

International Blog Against Racism Week, the Sequel

Guest blogger Nora, with a heads-up: Not getting enough hot and smexxy race-related discussion here on ABW? Well, you’re in luck, because it’s International Blog Against Racism Week again! Last year’s IBARW was an impromptu event that pretty much boiled out of the confluence of

Moral vs. Pragmatic Arguments

Last week I finished reading an amazing SF novel, Alanya to Alanya, by the brilliant L. Timmel Duchamp. If you’re interested in feminist science fiction, dystopias, and thought experiments on social change, you should definitely pick it up. In the afterword, the author wrote something