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Linky Carnival

Since was a little messed up this weekend some of you may have missed a post or two.  Never fear, I am here to point you toward all the angry black goodness.

First, there’s my review of Acacia (fantasy… with brown people!  omg) and an excerpt from my interview with the author.

Next, my rant about Stargate: Atlantis.

Then a post about the last season of CSI and the stupidly racist storyline that would not die.

Also worthy of a look, the 16th Erase Racism Carnival at Alas, A Blog, which is full of links to things I kept saying “I should blog about that!” and never did.

Finally, the People of Colour SF Carnival 2 which is equally wonderful and chock full of good links.  I also neglected to mention the first People of Colour SF Carnival, and that was bad of me.  Especially since it is so awesome.

Speaking of neglect, I realized today that I never, ever linked to this piece I did for Racewire.  Arg!  It was a while ago, too.  I really need to stop being such a flake.

Anyway, go read and comment and such.  Also, I declare this an Open Thread for any random thing you all want to talk about.

11 thoughts on “Linky Carnival”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know about y’all, but I’m angry about this whole Michael Vick situation. I think it’s racist, and I think it’s stupid that PETA is jumping onto this, but I can’t say I’m surprised by this behavior. Those whiteys (which, less face it, is what PETA is primarily composed of) are notorious for putting dogs above all else. They let them lick their mouths and sleep with them and all kinds of other gross crap. Then these so-called ‘scientist’ think up ‘scientific’ reasons to support why it is O.K. to basically have oral sex with a dog. (Their saliva is good for wounds, they have less bacteria in their mouths despite the fact that they eat their own shit, et cetera.) Now I don’t condone dog fighting, and I definitely think Vick should be punished, but not as harshly as he is being. Hmph.

  2. rashad says:

    i don’t know. I think Vick kinda deserves it. and PETA attacks everyone they believe treat animals wrongly, mostly white if memory serves me. i mean he was doing and allowing others to do some pretty horrible things to dogs.

    what’s sad is that the same horrible treatment is done to chickens, cows and pigs, but we eat these animals so no-one cares.

  3. shannonclark says:

    A semi-random query – what do you think about Psych?

    On the positive Dule Hill plays one of the two main characters – and both characters are recognizable “smart kids” grown up (well mostly grown up).

    On the other hand though the show is set in Santa Barbara it doesn’t (at least what I have seen of it so far – only a few episodes so may revisit this after I’ve seen more) show much of the very strongly Hispanic character of Santa Barbara (which is a strange place – hispanic in many parts, a college/party town downtown by the beach, and an ultra-rich haven. (My aunt and grandmother live there so I’ve spent some time there).

    Anyway, I was curious your thoughts – Psych seems a positive step for the most part.

    [for those who don’t know me – I’m a white male – the name can lead to various assumptions]


  4. Anonymous says:

    Rashad, I think you should read this article. It’s really interesting (and about the Michael Vick situation):

  5. Anonymous says:

    And didn’t PETA have a campaign a couple of years ago comparing animals to slaves? And they refused to pull the adds despite the outcry? That’s definitely racist, and as we both know, those mentalities don’t just vanish into thin air.

  6. therealpotato says:

    Here’s an article on the Vick situation from my friend who’s a sports columnist… he basically agrees that what Vick did was horrendous, but also speaks out against the racist form that the public condemnation of him is taking.

  7. daisydeadhead says:

    Plugging myself! But seriously, check out my Michael Vick post. I didn’t really blog on the racism angle, except I mentioned it in reply to a comment. It’s hard to sort it all out.

    Of course all of this CRAP is racist, among so many other offensive aspects of the case…

  8. Lloyd Webber says:

    I’ve always hated (with a burning passion) PETA and how they use racism and sexism to “protect” animals. If you think I’m being overdramatic, just look at any of their ad campaigns. This whole Michael Vick incident is just one more reason why well I’ve never taken PETA or any other animal right’s organization seriously. Their complete and utter lack of perspective

  9. rashad says:

    anonymous- i read the article and i’m well aware of the hypocrisy. considering the horrible things done to animals that we use as food. but the bottom line is vick should have known better and what he was doing to those dogs was pretty horrible. he should have known that this stuff was going to happen if he cont. to do what he was doing. the media is looking to take down anyone in the public eye. and groups like PETA are hardcore about protecting animals so the harshness involved in this is not hard to believe.

    is him being black possibly make the situation worse for him? maybe. does that excuse his actions? no

    a famous person whether black or any other color should know better than to run an illegal dog-fighting ring from his house. he supposedly was doing some sadistic things tho those dogs for fun. come on he didn;t really need the money.

    so now he has to pay for it.

    am i a huge PETA fan. not at all. but i just don’t think racism is the driving force behind his persecution.

  10. Angel H. says:

    Hey ABW.

    Have you seen what they’ve done to your online store?

  11. Ico says:

    Lloyd wrote, “I’ve never taken PETA or any other animal right’s organization seriously”

    Okay I’m a million years late on this, but I only saw the thread now. :P

    *Ahem* Anyway, I can understand not taking PeTA seriously given their exploitation of women and others for the sake of their cause. Not cool.

    But “any other animal rights organization”? Come on. Abuse of animals is wrong and most human rights activists understand this. All oppression is connected. I am an animal rights activist. I’ve also done activism with campus human rights and workers rights groups. Lots of it, as an undergrad. And I can tell you that PeTA is not representative of many people who fight hard for animal rights. Also, it takes a lot of guts — MORE than it takes to stand up for human rights, in my experience, and I have done both — to stand up for animals, because when you point out to people how cruelly we treat cows or foxes or elephants, people laugh. Oh how they laugh. And they belittle you. And I am telling you that it takes courage to say, “All right, you are laughing while these animals suffer, but cruelty is wrong, and *I* will not let it continue, even though you may laugh at me too.” Believe me I have been laughed at.

    I have also been INSIDE a factory farm, and seen things and smelled things and stepped in puddles of blood and shit (literally, rivers of it) like you have most probably never seen. It is ugly. And yes, I believe in fighting against it. I support good groups full of dedicated people who do so. And just so you know, human rights gets tangled in there too. Most of the workers at this little patch of heaven I visited were migrant workers — treated poorly and paid little. It is all interconnected.

    So… problems with PeTA? I think it’s despicable the way they use people. They also distort facts. They deserve intense criticism. But to dismiss the whole cause because of a bad group? Please rethink it. Sweeping generalizations don’t do anyone any good.

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