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Monthly Archives: September 2006

The Boycott – Still Viable?

I hope you’re all aware of the crap-u-drama that ABC aired yesterday and Sunday, The Path to 9/11. If you don’t know about it and the ensuing controversy, just plug that phraseinto Google and watch it light up. We accuse others of propaganda, but our

To Exclude Man

From CNN: Amid boos and shouts of “traitors” Randolph-Macon Woman’s College officials announced Saturday that men would be admitted to the 115-year-old institution starting in 2007. … The board determined coeducation was the best way to preserve the school’s mission of high academic standards for

Black People and 9/11

There’s a 9/11 story that I heard once and never forgot. It’s anecdotal and may even be completely made up. I’m not sure. I can’t even remember the context in which I heard this story (I vaguely recall it being on television, but that might

Monday Link Roundup

I meant to do this yesterday, sorry. Some posts and discussions you all might find interesting: On Ally Work, Rachel S has a very good post titled: Untangling Two Myths: Tragic Mulatto is a Myth and Race is Not Culture. The spring board is this

Angry About Rape

There’s an interesting discussion going on at Feminist SF Blog (which I’m now a contributor to) about Battlestar Gallactica and rape as a plot device. The post that generated this discussion is not about BG or Rape, and thus it has drifted a wee bit

Feed Me

Anyone wondering where the LJ feed went?  It’s here: The folks at LJ said they merged angryblackwomyn with angryblackfeed, but don’t seem to have merged the folks who were reading the former into the latter.  At any rate, angryblackfeed points to the new blog

The Blog Police

I’m one of the Blog Police, apparently. Violet, in the final nyea-nyea comment on The Difference Between Racism and Sexism surmises that all the people coming over to disagree with her must just be friends of Shannon and all have a history of going around

Wednesday Links

The winners of the 2006 Black Weblog Awards were announced not too long ago. If you’re interested in what’s hot on the black blogosphere, you should check out the list of finalists and winners. Glad to see blackfolk won for best community! Speaking of, found

Sexism, Racism, Dogs.

Is my beloved Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan, a sexist? Is he about to make me angry? Say it ain’t so! I took a weird set of turns getting here, so follow closely. NY Times Mark Derr writes an opinion piece about Milan and his dog/owner