Due to a discussion on Facebook started by Scott Edelman, I’ve spent the last couple of days arguing with people about Rene Walling and what constitutes “real” sexual harassment. I have a lot to say on this subject, but it’s going to require a longer blog post and a lot of crafting. In the mean […]

From The Feminist Wire: Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do?: See warning below before you click.

Although the details and perpetrators of these incidents are quite different, the women in these stories—a young police detainee in Tijuana and a hote…



(via Robyn Shepherd & ACLU @ DailyKos)
By Robyn Shepherd, ACLU
Last month, the Center for Liberty’s Louise Melling blogged about how street harassment shames and humiliates women, and is underreported because of the stigma …

Ike Turner is gone. Predictably, people can’t stop talking about That Movie and about Tina. One thing I keep hearing is that, though Ike was a great musician and pioneer, all people can talk about is his abusive nature and drug habit. What a shame that is, these voices say. I am about to say […]