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Linkspam: Fighting the Power

SIGNAL BOOSTING Labyrs Kyrgyzstan Is an LGBT organization in Kyrgyzstan that serves the needs of the LGBTQI community in that country . They need US $7000 to set up a permanent headquarters that they cannot be harassed and evicted out of. Since its establishment in

Some links on race and class

Hey you all. Been a while eh? Work and school have pulled me under, so I am a bit busy. However, have a few links: via: jhameia poor people aren’t supposed to want nice things I don’t know if you guys received the memo; but

Linkspam: Diverse women’s voices in rock

original entry is here with astonishing no. of recs in the comments. As usual, be not an asshole. I read all of these which are about the experience of white, cis, ablebodied women for the most part, and was inspired to do a post featuring