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Help Increase Nuanced Racial Representation in The Media

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Cedric and Tiffany, two college friends, realize their feelings for each other and after an illicit night together, decide to make a pact. They vow to end their respective relationships in order to build one together. When one of them cannot follow through on their promise, the other is left broken. 3 years later, a get-together is orchestrated by a mutual friend and the situation reaches its tipping point. Cedric and Tiffany are in different places in their lives and have to discover whether a second chance is fate or failure. One of them has made up their mind. The other has a decision to make: settle for their current relationship, or try again with the only person they’ve ever loved. – Faux Pas


The film Faux Pas draws from the old adage that communication is key in any relationship. But now, technology puts various methods and layers of communication at our fingertips, constantly challenging the boundaries of the relationships that we hold dear. Even the ones that haven’t happened yet. Faux Pas explores the issues of trust, mistakes, recovery, and interpersonal connection.