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I GOT YOUR BOOK: Post the First

This here is a new series designed to boost the profile of SF authors of color. First up, we have a few signal boosts:

Tobias Buckell is looking for help to fund Apocalypse Ocean, a Sly Mongoose novel.

Ephemere is nearly done with Kandila 

An excerpt from the horror collection Let’s Play White


A series of SF short films 


Lisa Suhair Majaj has been featured on Split This Rock 

 Next time? We’ll have a review of Moondancer’s Drake’s Natural Magic

3 thoughts on “I GOT YOUR BOOK: Post the First”

  1. dianne mcneill says:

    Thanks for this. Your suggestions often lead me to new books to love.

  2. Angel H. says:

    Thank you so much for this post! I can’t wait to read _Let’s Play White_.

  3. Angel H. says:

    There’s a Black SF author who has a new YA book that has either recently released or is about ot be released. It’s about a Black teenage girl who moves into a posh boarding school and has to deal with racism…and ghosts haunting the dorm.

    I can’t think of the author’s name, but if any of this rings a bell, will somebody let me know. Thanks!

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