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Marriage Equals…

Marriage Equals

An infographic based on marriage models found in the Bible. EDIT: Original size here.



The sanctity of marriage MUST be protected as the bible depicts!

Cake, please.

Every time I hear about how marriage has ALWAYS been between one man and one woman I want to go through the Bible and bring all this up. The infographic is very helpful.

Next I need a list of all the different kinds of marriages throughout history. Because not only have we had polygamous marriage for forever, but it hasn’t always been one man and several wives. Plus, there’s that whole penchant Egyptians had for marrying siblings (there is evidence that this wasn’t just a practice of the royals, either).

But for those who only believe in what the Bible tells them, this is the best weapon.

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5 thoughts on “Marriage Equals…”

  1. SA says:

    I only get an error when I try to go the original size graphic. :(

    1. Dee Squared says:

      Saaame. D:

  2. standgale says:

    Until the post is fixed with a working link, you can get to the image here:
    Once there, click on the image to make it bigger

  3. S.G. says:

    The infographic is wrong.
    Google yourself for Genesis 2:24 – where does it say a woman has to prove her virginity or else will be stoned?
    I have not checked the other images.
    I am an atheist myself, but please check things before you post them – otherwise you are doing more damage then benefit.

    1. Layogenic says:

      The nuclear family was introduced in Genesis, while Deuteronomy (22; 13-21) established the stoning of a non-virgin bride. Also: dude, seriously? THIS is doing more damage?

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