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Woman walks through market holding severed head of man who tried…

Woman walks through market holding severed head of man who tried to rape her

Crowds in a busy market fled in terror as a woman walked among them holding aloft the severed head of a man who had attacked her.

Covered in blood, she held the head high like a trophy, said police - her way of showing that she had delivered her own kind of justice to her attacker.

The gruesome scene was played out in Makkapurva village, 170 miles south east of the Indian city of Lucknow, where, last night, the woman was being held behind bars.

The murder took place 100 miles from the Indian city of Lucknow

According to police officer Ram Bharose, the unnamed 35-year-old woman had sliced off the man’s head with a sickle she had been using to cut grass near her village.

‘She was getting grass for her cattle when the man came up from behind her and tried to sexually assault her,’ said Mr Bharose.

‘In a bid to save her dignity, she turned on him and during a struggle managed to chop off his head with the sickle.







alcoholicgifts | tinyfloralninja:

Trigger Warning for talk of Rape. 

Damn, girl. Also “In a bid to save her dignity”? Really? How about “In a completely badass move, she avoided being raped by some bastard by chopping his goddamn head off”?

 That’s some straight up “I wish a motherfucker would” shit right there.

Stories like this should be publicized. They should be spread around as much as possible so rapists or potential rapists, if they cannot be taught to hold a modicum of common decency or empathy for other human beings, will be deterred by fear. So they know, before they rape someone, that this person is not a weak, worthless piece of meat that they can use, so they know that so many women are sick of going to authorities that so often don’t do anything, of covering up what happened to them out of shame, of people telling them that for whatever reason, this attack was their own fault, of living in fear of people who think that it’s ok to rape. Rapists should know about this story, the story of the woman in Bangladesh who cut off the penis of a man who tried to rape her, and the story of a woman in Spain who killed her daughter’s rapist by lighting him on fire—after he came back to his hometown after spending nine years in jail and taunted her in public about raping her thirteen-year-old daughter. Before a rapist forces himself (although not all are men) on someone, he should remember that this person might be the woman in Lucknow or Bangladesh, or have a mother like the woman in Spain. They should be afraid of us, not us of them.

That lady is a badass.

I applaud this lady
Rapist need to face the consequences of their decisions and actions of violating others; even if the consequences are this extreme.

Holy fuck, that is badass. Oh my fuck. I’m verklempt…

That’s not murder, that is self-defense. And yes, I feel that more people should read this story and know that the consequences of trying to attack a person just might include getting your fucking head chopped off.

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