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4 thoughts on “Apparently Google Erased Native American Reservations From…”

  1. Stacy says:

    I’m wondering if anyone spoke with the representatives of the Dakota Reservations? My first thought was, maybe they don’t want the reservation pubicized as it might draw unwanted tourists/visitors. I do see the authors point in that its obviously arbitrary of Google to not show these reservations. I would love for someone to contact Google and the Reservations and get those two stories. Just a thought.

    Love the blog.

  2. GallingGalla says:

    Number of Native American reservations shown on Google Maps: X. Number of shopping malls, fast-food restaurants, etc, shown in Google Maps: a million X.

    Disk space required to store the boundaries of Native American reservations: Y. Disk space required to store all the freakin’ Street View images: a billion times as much (at least – maybe even a trillion times as much).

    Cue whingers whining about “the reservations are cluttering up the maps” and “how much do you expect Google to spend on disk drives” in 3…2…1…

    I mean, really, Google has no excuse whatsoever for this.

  3. Zelda B. says:

    I’m speechless…and so freaking embarrassed that I hadn’t noticed. Fail. Massive fail.

  4. john macadam says:

    Whats the google official statement on this?

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