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Colorlines: Conservative Group Targets Oakland’s Classroom Gender Lessons

Colorlines: Conservative Group Targets Oakland's Classroom Gender Lessons:

The National Organization of Marriage is taking heat for aggressively coming out against gender identity lessons taught at an Oakland elementary school, as part of an anti-bullying campaign.

NOM president Brian Brown sent a letter to supporters calling the lessons “disturbing” and that the organizers want to “embed in these children’s minds the idea that we all have a right to make up our own gender(s).”

The lessons, organized by the education group Gender Spectrum, talked about gender diversity among animal species and acceptance in their effort to create more gender sensitive and inclusive environments for kids.

“Nobody’s trying to influence the students to act in any specific way. We’re just saying that if a student does exhibit these behaviors that they should not be alienated, ostracized, or most of all, bullied because of it,” Troy Flint of Oakland Unified School District told Fox News.

Well, we can’t have that. Bullying is an essential part of the going to school experience, right? It’s certainly a big part of being an adult, judging by the actions of certain people I could name.

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One thought on “Colorlines: Conservative Group Targets Oakland’s Classroom Gender Lessons”

  1. TransGriot says:

    and some of those school bullies become Republicans or cops

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