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Max Gibson, gifted hacker and Terry’s confidante, from…

Max Gibson, gifted hacker and Terry’s confidante, from Batman Beyond



Description: Picspam of Max Gibson, gifted hacker and Terry’s confidante, in various scenes from Batman Beyond.


20 Awesome Ladies in No Particular Order

02. Maxine Gibson [Batman Beyond]

There is nothing that is not awesome about Max. She’s hella smart, with both intelligence and common sense. She’s funky. She’s got short pink hair - real short, not like ‘hey this is above the neck that means short right?’. She’s sassy, she’s supportive, she has a sweet side. She’s fun. She’s an amazing friend, and platonic boy-girl friendships are so rare in media. I love every second of her interaction with Terry, and with Dana, ok I love every sencond of her interaction everywhere. She also kicks ass. Hasn’t had much training but she’s a fighter, she can hold her own - but she doesn’t rush into things, she’s not stupid.

And she’s still human. She has human faults and human shit that’s happened to her. She wants a real family, she wants recognition for her achievements. But once again, she isn’t stupid about it. It’s just a part of her.

Also, she’s curvy and not-white and not at all stereotypical, for anything. She’s just great. And she totally needs to be Terry’s batgirl or batwoman, until she retires Babs-style to the internets and then kicks some more ass with her computer mojo.

Also also, she put together who Batman was and then wasn’t a dick about it. She also wasn’t a dick about being told that she can’t Robin/Batgirl yet, because hey - she knows it’s dangerous! But she helps in whatever way she can. OK TL;DR MAX IS WONDERFUL.

I concur.

I’ve always appreciated her characterization. One of the sad things about losing Batman Beyond was losing her. 

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5 thoughts on “Max Gibson, gifted hacker and Terry’s confidante, from…”

  1. Angel H. says:

    She was awesome. I really wished they would’ve developed her character more in the series. Does anyone know if she was also in the comic and how (if?) her character was developed there?

  2. Dee Squared says:

    D: Should’ve watched the show when I had the chance! Oh well, to the internets I go! (She does sound completely BA. Why can’t we have more of that in animation?)

    1. Angel H. says:

      It’s so rare to find good representations of WOC in animation! Do you know I first time saw Elisa Maza onscreen I spent half the show trying to figure out what was wrong with my television? (Brightness – check. RGB balance – check. Contrast – check. Glares from the window? Maybe if I close all the curtains and cut off the lights…) I thought there was NO WAY a Disney heroine would look like her.

      1. Dee Squared says:

        Mhm, I concur. Shows are much more entertaining when everyone’s not the exact same boring stereotypes all the time. Too bad so many writers cannot seem to grasp that.

        Well, that just gives us more incentives to praise the writers that do. Money, woo!

  3. john macadam says:

    And shes an animation, aren’t there far better role models?!

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