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6 thoughts on “Again with the yummy male butt! I’d be digging my fingers…”

  1. Digital Coyote says:

    Good googly moogly.

  2. john macadam says:

    Isn’t this 2 men?

  3. Jennifer Pelland says:

    I’m pretty sure the short one has a penis.

  4. LoriA says:

    Yeah, that person you’re calling sister has a penis if you look closely. It’s of course possible that the person identifies as a woman, but it’s far more likely that the person is a man.

  5. stillapill says:

    It IS two men. Take a good close look between the legs…

  6. The Angry Black Woman says:

    You are all right, ahahaha. I seriously was so focused on that ass that I missed the extra penis in there.

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