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Still Looking For More Beautiful Black Women To Feature

This week I’m inundating the blog with images of beautiful black women in response to this mess. I have a lot of wonderful posts queued up through Friday, but I’m continuing this series through Sunday.

So if you’ve got some pictures of black women you’d like me to feature, please either submit through Tumblr or via the comments on the ABW blog. I’m really itching to get pictures of women who aren’t famous or models or actresses.

Submit yourself, submit your friends!

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8 thoughts on “Still Looking For More Beautiful Black Women To Feature”

  1. Robin says:

    My gorgeous friend Gothika gave me permission to post a couple pictures of her. :)

  2. Skemono says:

    I saw a number of lovely black ladies at a mall/restaurant the other night, but I thought that they wouldn’t like a stranger taking their picture to share on the interwebs.

    But there’s a new post at Girls Gone Geek which includes some pictures of Ms. E. Peterman, one of the writers.

  3. ozoozol says:

    Not me or someone I know, not a model or an actress, but a politician: (stunning feature photo but only one of many)

  4. Mozucat says:

    Skin, from my favorite “clit-rock” band, Skunk Anansie:

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