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Are Butterflies Just Fancy Bugs? Maybe.

Are Butterflies Just Fancy Bugs? Maybe. But I LOVE Them




I understand why people like them, but butterflies are just fancy bugs. Worse than that, they are fancy moths, and moths are dusty and erratic and heavy bodied and want to get in my mouth.


I am terrified of them. TERRIFIED.

I don’t mind butterflies at a distance, but I wouldn’t want one to land on me.

That said, this photo really reminds me of The City, Not Long After by Pat Murphy, a magical realist post-apocalyptic novel about militarism and art.  At one point, iirc, survivors of a plague paint the entire Golden Gate Bridge with blue butterflies, and then they take flight.

Here in NYC at the Natural History Museum there’s a butterfly exhibit where one can enter a small tropical zone and see hundreds of butterflies. I don’t mind them landing on me, as I know they won’t bite. They’re so cool and colorful wings are just reminders that nature is full of the most awesome things.

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One thought on “Are Butterflies Just Fancy Bugs? Maybe.”

  1. John P. says:

    I always liked butterflies, and they always liked me. They have no issue landing on me and I have no issue with it either.

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