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Baratunde Thurston Lays It All Out For America

This has been linked everywhere but I’m going to post it again because everything he says is true and this needs a signal boost to the sky.

Perhaps when our alien overlords do finally come, they will spare some of us because of this man.

2 thoughts on “Baratunde Thurston Lays It All Out For America”

  1. John P. says:

    This man spoke to my very soul. He made me want to cry to and at the same time he made me feel a deep sense of patriotism that I haven’t felt in my short life time.

  2. Maggie says:

    As with the previous @#$ about birth certificates, Donald made me ashamed to be a visibly white, apparently straight Anglo-American. It’s so obvious that nobody who was both white and speaking unaccented English would have faced such a ‘test.’ Mr. Thurston’s eloquence is enviable, even beautiful. I wish he didn’t have to say it. More, I wish it didn’t need to be said. But oh it sure does.

    Thanks for signal boosting this.

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