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Rape Culture 101


Rape Culture 101:

After I was date-raped, I had to explain to the authorities:

-what outfit I wore

-what I drank

-what I ate

-what I said

-if I crossed my legs

-how I laughed

-if I laughed

-the makeup I wore

-what underwear I wore

-who I talked to

-what bar I went to

-who my friends are

-what type of car I drive

-what type of shoes I wore

-if I wore tights

-how many sexual partners I have had

-my sexual orientation

-the age I lost my virginity

-if I was wearing perfume

-the color of my hair

-if I said “no”

-when I said “no”

-how I said “no”

-how many times I said “no”

-why it was in my bed

-why I had no bruises

-why his number was programmed in my phone

-why we were friends on facebook

-why I said yes to a date

-why I let him pay

-why I went to class the next day

-if I showered

-why I didn’t stop him

After he raped me, he had to explain:

nothing.  because they never asked him.

“Rape culture” is living a society where rape is defined by the circumstances rather than the action.

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