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Five Different Types Of Racism Explained

Five Different Types Of Racism Explained:


Something About The Subject Makes It Hard To Name by Gloria Yamato (1991)

She argues that there are five main types of racism, each equally as detrimental as the next:

  • Aware/Blatant Racism: Outright racists that, without apology or confusion, tell people of color, that because of their color, they “don’t appeal to them.”
  • Aware/Covert Racism: When racists are being racist but just not saying it. For instance, upon seeing that a potential tenant is Indian, rather than saying it directly, a landlord will pull the apartment “off the market” without providing an explanation.
  • Unaware/Unintentional Racism: “With the best of intentions, the best of educations, and the greatest generosity of heart, whites, operating on the misinformation fed to them from day one, will behave in ways that are racist, will perpetuate racism by being ‘nice’ the way we’re taught to be nice.”
  • Unaware/Self-Righteous Racism: “The ‘good white’ racist attempts to shame Blacks into being blacker, scorns Japanese-Americans who don’t speak Japanese, and knows more about the Chicano/a community than the folks who make up the community.”
  • Internalized Racism: Stereotypes and attitudes of the white hegemonic system are internalized by members of oppressed groups and peoples and taken for truth or inform the ways they think about themselves and others from similar backgrounds or cultures.

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  1. Oni says:

    Yeah, white feminists should read this before they alienate every fucking black person who reads their blog. Yes, i’m talking to you Undercover Punk. (she needs to question the internalized racism towards black people that she spouts on her blog like it’s nothing). Maybe someone else can talk some sense into her!

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