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Why We Need Black Speculative Fiction

“In my conversations at my signings I’ve discovered two things; black people DO read science fiction and fantasy, and more would read it if they knew not only that we were writing it, but that we were the main characters. The biggest disconnect seems to be with major publishers. They don’t acknowledge the potential demand because corporations don’t deal with potential, especially when it comes to the African American community. So what’s a writer/reader to do?”
— Milton Davis discusses visibility and pigeonholing in “Why Do We Need Black Speculative Fiction?”. Via Tananarive Due on Twitter.

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One thought on “Why We Need Black Speculative Fiction”

  1. ozoozol says:

    This reminds me, thank you for your post a few weeks ago requesting recommendations. My better half and I listen to recorded books on our commute, and I turned to your comments section when I went to find books to download from So far, we’ve listened to Octavia Butler’s “Fledgling” and are in the process of devouring her “Parable of the Sower” (local current events are making me feel like we’re jinxing the world by listening to it). Gripping stuff.

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