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When people think the goal of pointing out privilege is to make folks feel "guilty". . .




No one wants you to feel guilty - they want you to feel informed. They want you to feel incensed that others don’t have the same rights and privileges as you, not indignant that someone of a marginalized group had the audacity to say it to you and it made you feel a twinge of badness for one fucking second.

Seriously. STFU.

and this goes for all types of privilege… fyi

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4 thoughts on “When people think the goal of pointing out privilege is to make folks feel "guilty". . .”

  1. Qalil Little says:

    Ain’t that the truth! A little indignation. To hell with guilt.

  2. Scribblemethis says:

    This has always shocked and vaguely frightened me. It feels like their first reaction to finding out someone else is experiencing something as horrible as oppression… is to make it all about themselves.

  3. Piri says:

    I do not get the GUILT crap. I just never did. If you support justice, equality, and don’t accept or stand for the nonsense then THERE NOTHING TO FEEL GULTY ABOUT!!! It’s like “I pledge allegiance to WHITE SUPREMACY” Or, “I play for the white team.” What the heck is that! I find commendable, laudable, refreshing when a member of the majority group understands and rejects the oppression and is a major proponent of fighting against the garbage we face on a day-to-day basis.

  4. Edith says:

    I don’t know about thinking pointing out privilege with the GOAL of making people feel guilty.

    However, oppression is scary. Very, very scary and the thing is it’s like a many-headed hydra in that there are so many kinds of oppression and even when you thought you were aware it turns out that there is even more injustice that you didn’t know about.

    So not guilt, but maybe despair that you don’t think you’re up to the Herculean effort of combating it.

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