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In Honor Of The Newest Series Of Doctor Who, A Facebook…

In Honor Of The Newest Series Of Doctor Who, A Facebook Conversation That Needed To Happen

LOL forever. Not that I hate Amy Pond, I’m just unimpressed by her. Unimpressed by 11 as well.

[An image showing a Facebook status update from the 11th Doctor with comments from others underneath.

Status: The Doctor: should probably mention he’s had companions before…

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Amy Pond: WHAT?

Rory Williams: You say this like it wasn’t obvious.

Amy Pond: *I* didn’t know!

Rose Tyler: You should probably also be informed that we are all more awesome than you, as well.

Donna Noble: And better at saving the world.

Rose Tyler: Absolutely.

Amy Pond: *I* saved the world too! I remembered the Doctor!

Martha Jones: Oh, what an accomplishment. It makes that year wandering a post-apocalyptic world seem pretty unimpressive.

The Doctor: Now see, this is exactly why I didn’t say something earlier.]



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3 thoughts on “In Honor Of The Newest Series Of Doctor Who, A Facebook…”

  1. John P. says:

    I rather like him. He’s no 10 but he’s good.
    As a matter a fact him not being 10 is my only complaint about him.

    Amy Pond is nice. But she’s no Martha Jones.

  2. Digital Coyote says:

    My mom’s first reaction to 11 (whom she saw only a few days ago): “…but he’s…so….dorky..” I think he lost her with the bow tie. Of the last three, her favorite is 10.

    I wasn’t super wild about 10 or 11 for a while but they sort of grew on me. 10 because of his flashes of cold-hearted bastardry and wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff. Oh. And the hair. 11 because of his “honey, I’m home” bit with River; there’s something magical in how he looks and says it.

    Amy….Amy’s kind of like human tapioca.

  3. Evamaria says:

    I personally totally love 11… but then, I’m one of those freaks who’s not a big 10 fan. I still claim 9 as “my” Doctor, but oh, 11 is giving him a run for his money! :)

    As for companions, I personally love all of them – kick-ass women, one and all (especially Martha, with the exception of her superfluous crush on the Doctor), but I’m also quite happy that there’s a full-time male companion again!

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