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From: Merf. Thinking is Hard: "Nobody believes you"

From: Merf. Thinking is Hard: "Nobody believes you":


It happened on a Saturday, I think. I went to the library because, well, sometimes I like libraries. I don’t go often, because I don’t enjoy being stared at and whispered about, but every so often the urge strikes me and I can’t really resist it. Anyway, as I was leaving, and walking out the lobby, this woman (who I recognized as one of the library workers) turned to face me as I was walking out, looked me right in the face, and said: “Nobody believes you.”

Now, I had never exchanged one word with this woman in my life. I didn’t know her at all. And she sure as hell didn’t know me. Yet so disturbed was she by my feminine presentation, so certain that what I was doing was fundamentally wrong, that she decided to say these words to a complete stranger.

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