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You sure there isn’t a way to gay park the car?

You sure there isn’t a way to gay park the car? cabell:
I am totally using this next week when we talk about marriage equality in Intro to LGBTQ Studies.
Now I’m trying to come up with other activities to attach ‘gay’ to. “Today I gay rode the subway and gay yelled at the woman who stepped on my toe.” ETA: Source Daughter of ETA: To the anti-LGBT trolls that keep hitting the moderation wall: See how right next to "Leave A Reply" it says "Read The Rules" with a link? You should really read the rules. Because I'm seriously not letting anyone out of moderation who clearly didn't.

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7 thoughts on “You sure there isn’t a way to gay park the car?”

  1. John P. says:

    It’s not “gay parking” it’s clearly civil street commitment.

  2. Aquarion says:

    It is a very nice sentiment, and I agree wholeheartedly. Now, please credit the original creator of the poster:

    and read this:

    1. The Angry Black Woman says:

      Will add to post above shortly, thanks! Usually on Tumblr the origin of images is linked, though it may have gotten lost in all the reblogging. Or it could be the way reblogged stuff ends up in the RSS feed, which is how it gets posted to this blog. I think the metadata Tumblr keeps tracking origins doesn’t come through properly. (Which makes me wish harder that there was a Tumblr plugin for WordPress worth a damn.)

  3. Utah Johnson says:

    It is hard enough being an Angry Black Woman without having to put up with Aquarion. If the original poster wants credit, tell them to try a water-marker. Keep up the good work.

    1. The Angry Black Woman says:

      Is Aquarion someone I should watch out for? His comment was jerkface, but at least well-intentioned (I thought).

  4. Amerloc says:

    We gay-walked over to the neighbors and gay-helped them gay-cut-up the tree that fell on their garage last night.

    Next winter we’ll gay-burn it in our stove…

  5. RMB says:

    Love this.

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