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Jill On Charlie Sheen

Jill On Charlie Sheen:

This is from a month ago, but I thought about it again after reading about what went down in Detroit. SMH.

I think he’s a jackass and an abusive, egomaniacal coward. So while I can’t feel all that sad for him about his very public meltdown (clearly he is BI-WINNING), I’m a little disturbed that his pattern of violence against women never got him booted from any of his projects.

And despite the obvious… troubles… he’s going through, it’s shameful that we’re so willing to look the other way while he abuses women.

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One thought on “Jill On Charlie Sheen”

  1. Morning Quickie says:

    I can’t believe people would act like this. Not only Charlie but the 3000 people who joined in his insane rage:

    You can’t help but have sympathy for Denise Richards.

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