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From Alas: Those damn, hypersensitive minorities

From Alas: Those damn, hypersensitive minorities:

A letter from 1943 about hypersensitive black people:

We feel you may be inviting trouble if you use colored characters in the comic at this time. Experience has shown us that we have to be awfully careful about any comics in which Negroes appear. The Association for the Advancement of Colored People protests every time they see anything which they consider ridicules the Negro no matter how faintly.

Note how the arguments that try to minimize racism have stayed basically the same? This comment, with a few adjustments, wouldn’t be out of place if it was written about any of the current frontiers in social activism.

This kind of thing makes me despair just a little. Every time I see how far we’ve NOT come in these discussions I wonder if we’ll ever make any meaningful progress in my lifetime.

Read it all here.

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One thought on “From Alas: Those damn, hypersensitive minorities”

  1. Cinnamondiva says:

    I agree…it seems that when a minority is pissed off because of some racist bullshit, somebody’s always there to accuse us of being “overly sensitive” and “emotional”.

    They whine, “can’t you just get over it?” My response…not until people learn to treat one another with respect.

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