Sometimes the world does not suck

Sometimes the world does not suck

I tend to write posts when I am pissed. Now this is great motivation, but unrelenting gloom and doom tends to leave me ridiculously depressed, and pessimistic about the fate of the world. So this is a post for good news, my readers. Because sometimes the world does not suck!

The first same-sex wedding in Washington DC

what is happening in this world that makes you think that the world is cool after all? Leave in comments.

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  • eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the cute. i am a total sucker for weddings.

  • Haddayr

    Their hope is my hope and their joy is my joy. Thank you for this wonderful video.

    What I have to share happened a while back, but in 2002 my old high school, Crete-Monee High, voted a lesbian couple Cutest Couple for the yearbook. When the administration panicked and balked, the students staged a walkout. The administration allowed the yearbook to go forward as planned.

    The school is literally surrounded by corn fields and is roughly 60% African-American — rural AND Black, two groups very often accused of homophobia.

    A more recent “the world is cool after all:” I ran into a canvasser today from our local food shelf Sisters Camelot: a group of folks who run an all-organic food shelf from a bus, distributing food to whoever wants it without asking for ID, verification of income, or anything. You want good, healthy food? They give it to you.

  • What a beautiful moment for these two women. May this event presage more of the same, unmolested by the fears of the ignorant. Thanks for sharing this with ABW readers!