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Evaluating the Outrageous

Adviser for Americans arrested in Haiti suspected of Child Trafficking in El Salvador. So am I supposed to believe they just happened to find someone connected to human trafficking and hired him? Don’t answer that. In other “I hate the world” news this shit right here? Prime example of what happens when groups get so focused on their pet interest that they throw all logic and common sense out the window. The reality is that abortions are not happening because Planned Parenthood exists. Long before Margaret Sanger was a notion in her mother’s eye women had ways to end a pregnancy. And they did so (and still do so) for a lot of reasons having nothing to do with race, though as with everything else racism does play a part in the underpinnings of some of those reasons.

First up, there’s the purely financial aspect of things. We live in a country that begrudges people a living wage and health insurance. For some reason these are viewed as things you have to earn, and if you don’t manage to secure them then it’s all your fault for not using those magical boostraps. Never mind pesky details like limited educational opportunities, a sagging job market, and the overall lack of boots or straps that plague much of our population. Attitudes toward public assistance are ugly and filled with all sort of ridiculous myths about recipients. Especially recipients of color. That Welfare Queen schtick is alive and well along with an idea that more money = better parents. Not true.

Then there’s the reality that not every relationship that produces a child is a safe healthy long term one. That’s not exclusive to any race, but the reality is that a WOC in an abusive situation is going to have an even harder time getting help. And more kids can make it harder to leave. And of course there’s the simply reality that not every pregnancy is a wanted pregnancy for a whole other host of reasons. But hey, why let facts get in the way when you can fin all new ways to pretend that WOC don’t love their children. After all, if they breed them but can’t feed them then the answer is to steal save them right? Right. Oh wait, I was supposed to be outraged at the idea of abortion wasn’t I? Sorry, I reserve that emotion for stupid manipulative ad campaigns that ignore reality.

3 thoughts on “Evaluating the Outrageous”

  1. says:

    From what I’ve seen, logic & common sense have always been noticeably absent from the anti-abortion movement, as well as compassion.

  2. Nell says:

    i completely agree.
    campaigns like that one in Georgia cost thousands of dollars. but instead of spending that money on something like…better sex education for lower income families, better schooling all together, and better/more laws and aid single-mothers…they’d rather spend it on some ridiculous campaign like this that has no shred of logic to support it.
    i’m reading 2 books right now that deal with confronting the image of the welfare queen and the like (Medical Apartheid~ Harriet A. Washington and Killing the Black Body~Dorothy Roberts).
    and its very telling how the baby on the ad is black. considering that blacks in this country make up less that 15% of the population, why is a black child the face of the aborted child? yet again, another aid in the pigeon-holing of black women that if we aren’t jezebels or mammies, then we’re bad mothers, recklessly having babies that we don’t care about and cannot care for.
    i don’t recall the article saying who did or paid for these billboards, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it wasn’t a black men’s christian organization.

  3. brendabeyt says:

    If I can but speak on one area of this foolishness that seems to not have an end,I will speak on the Police!There tactics are going farther and farther back to the days of just plain injustice~days when the West was being won. How in the world can a so-called democracy align themselves with a government of it’s peers and constantly allow blatant disrespect of it’s citizens. I am soo tired of the fact that only white females are lost in Aruba and other places and that our black sisters don’t come up missing. I am tired of the gestapo tactics that are unleashed upon folks that are merely trying to get back the shards of their lives and you have the Skin-head police bust up any where that blacks congregate and are arrested on trumped up charges about stupid codicils that aren’t even on the books any more but will keep you tied up in court long enough to hit the police clearance pages and therefore delay again any possibilities of employ~ The circumference of the moon couldn’t be any clearer but this is a Democracy people! Karl Marx for all the uproar had a saner way of analyzing societies and their inner workings by not lying about the real intent and the utilities that are being morphed out just to prove ownership. We are still slaves to one ideology or the other and until we practice free will and own our own bull crap we will continue being the shadow in someone else Sunshine when we deserve so much more than this? Genocide is subtle and insidious right about now.. it’s called gentrification move you right out of your home for a price usually nit yours but the Young White couple that just moved to town and you said what? that you have lived here for how long? 30 years and the unattached behaviors of those that have been exposed to nothing but detachment move on to score yet another disparity and treatment issue on the books. Where my people does it all end with us being sent back to Africa and disenfranchisement to the Nth degree. We have had all types of dialog but what really has helped us when we don’t have any real directions to begin with nor leaders of the caliber that they had during the Civil Rights Movement. We are born on the wings of dissent so there can be no togetherness when a need isn’t there to begin with! I pray that togetherness will magically come from the sky and our people will be healed of that malady but so far no good hasn’t happened yet! but I still Pray unceasingly

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