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Short Fiction by Writers of Color (September)

It’s the end of September, so it’s time for more short fiction by POC! Still a short list this month, sad! But I know that the word is out, so now it’s just a matter of getting more fiction published by us. I hear there’s a new market on the horizon helmed by an editor who is definitely desirous of fiction from diverse quarters. Anyway, here’s the list:

8 thoughts on “Short Fiction by Writers of Color (September)”

  1. Saladin says:

    Oooh, I forgot to self-promote by the deadline, so I’ll add it here, I suppose:

    “Judgment of Swords and Souls” by Saladin Ahmed — IGMS Sep 2009, Issue #14

    free preview here:

    The same issue’s cover story is also by a writer of color — Aliette de Bodard.

    1. The Angry Black Woman says:

      don’t forget to add yourself to the wiki!

  2. Cecilia Tan says:

    Ahh! *kicks self* I forgot to tell you that Circlet published an N. K. Jemisin story this month, also. Last week in the anthology LIKE TWIN STARS, which was released a week ago today.

    And possibly others. Since I still rarely know the ethnicity of my writers (sometimes I don’t even know their gender), I’m probably going to have to leave it up to them to send you info. I’ve sent out a pointer on our author list in the past, but I should make a regular reminder of it.

  3. Jha says:

    The Second Mrs. Sharma by Bindia Persaud – Expanded Horizons, Sept 2009, Issue 11

  4. nojojojo says:

    Outing myself for those who somehow don’t know — I’m N. K. Jemisin in my Author Life. And I also have a short story out in this new anthology, Like Twin Stars. My story is “The Dancers’ War.”

  5. Magnetic Crow says:

    Ooh! A head’s-up for a place to keep an eye on:
    The online horror ‘zine Innsmouth Free Press just had an issue focusing on female writers, and stories centering on female characters. The next issue’s focus is on writers and characters from minority and multi-ethnic backgrounds. Probably a good place to submit, and to look for good emerging writers in the next issue!

    This is particularly exciting considering the fact that the magazine’s focus is Lovecraft-inspired fiction. Lovecraft was ridiculously conservative (even for his time), and so wrote incredibly racist roles for PoC, and wrote hardly any roles for women at all. To see a contemporary Lovecraftian ‘zine actually addressing these issues rather than sweeping them under the rug or getting defensive is heartening.

  6. Silvia Moreno-Garcia says:

    I’ll self-promote myself and say that my short story “Bed of Scorpions” is in the Canadian anthology “Tesseracts Thirteen” which launched this September.

    Paula R. Stiles and I produce Innsmouth Free Press and (as mentioned by Magnetic Crow)we are actively looking for characters and writers for our upcoming special multiethnic issue. We’ve had lots of luck with getting women interested in the ‘zine, so we are very excited about the multiethnic issue and hope it will drum interest in Lovecraftian fiction from an array of very different perspectives, as well as reach new readers that might not normally think of Lovecraftian fiction as something of interest to them.

  7. Jha says:

    Oh! The Farthest Shore, an anthology by Filipino writers, was also out for September!!

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