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It’s Sunday, Have Some Videos

Found these via my Flist on LiveJournal last week and thought to share them with you. First up is an awesome short film (I guess that’s what it would be called) of Djimon Hounsou reading Binyavanga Wainaina excellent essay “How Not to Write About Africa“.

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And now for something completely different. I am aware that Glen Beck is unbalanced and unhinged, but as I don’t watch live TV that much, I only get glimpses and often forget just how insane he seems. Then people put up videos like this and I watch in amazement all over again. At least this one is of Keith Olberman making fun of him:

Glen seems to be painfully unaware of Greek sculpture and art. Also, he seems to think that someone can be a communist and a facist without having a split personality. I mean, seriously, people like this just sort of lump in all groups of people they consider “evil” and then accuse you of being all of them at once. Like, “OMG you are in the Nation of Islam AND the KKK!!!” The ignorance, it is staggering.

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One thought on “It’s Sunday, Have Some Videos”

  1. Julie says:

    Glenn Beck is actually almost onto something with this, but the segment does come across more like a jumbled search engine result page than an actual structured, informative argument. The image on the screen behind him in the end is from a mural that isn’t in Rockefeller Center at all – Diego Rivera wanted to include political imagery that was deemed too controversial, so the mural wasn’t completed.

    Rivera did however complete a stunning mural in the courtyard of the Detroit Institue of Arts glorifying agriculture, industry, technology, and above all, working people. Even these were a little too communist for some people at the time, but now they’re the crown jewel of the DIA collection, and certainly the most impressive Rivera work outside of Mexico.

    The history of art and architecture is a beautiful thing, but not when weilded out of context by the ignorant to further their superstitious, ill-researched ramblings.

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