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Monthly Archives: August 2009

On Health Care

For most of my adult life, I’ve had to live without health insurance. Because I was a freelancer for many years, or because I did not have a fixed residence for a while, or because my skills and career interests often meant that the best

Obama = Hitler? Your Logic Is Not Earth Logic

Aside from my deep seated belief that at least some of the Obama = Hitler people are being paid to make these appearances, I’ve often wondered why anyone entertains their nonsense. Finally someone does not and it is amazing. I’m still trying to work out

The people and their cultures: POC and the movies

The Examiner’s Ed Moy inquires Does Hollywood ‘white-wash’ the casting of Asian characters in movies? Then he proves it… After doing some research, I discovered that “The Last Airbender” wasn’t the only recent movie that cast white actors in roles that were originally created as

Last Word on WorldCon

So, Ms. Lamplighter apologized here and on her LJ. And yes, there are things I could respond to in both places, but as you can see on the first link I’ve already made my decision on how to handle it. Why that road and not