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Webcomics I Appreciate (an erratic series): Multiplex

So over the next couple of days on the right sidebar you’ll probably notice an ad for a webcomic called Multiplex. It rotates in and out, so you may no see it all the time. I’m not going to make it a habit of mentioning advertisers, but I was particularly happy to see that the comic’s creator wanted to advertise with us. I love reading Multiplex for two reasons: 1 – I like movies and it’s definitely a comic for movie nerds. 2 – several of the main and supporting characters are POC and there are realistically drawn and characterized women as well. It’s awesome.1 Plus, the writing is good! If any of those things float your boat, you should go read.

Should I be mean and force you to click on the sidebar link? Nah, here you go. (But click the sidebar link if you see it, anyway!)

  1. okay, there are some issues around the characterization of Gretchen, but due to the awesomeness of Angie and Becky and Melissa, I’m overlooking them. []

One thought on “Webcomics I Appreciate (an erratic series): Multiplex”

  1. Jon Hansen says:

    Thanks for the recommendation! Just rolled through their archives; pretty darn good.

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