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There are Three of Us, Yanno

Something I’ve been meaning to post/clear up for a while. Many regular readers know this, but for those who don’t: there are three women who regularly post on this site.  There’s me, the original Angry Black Woman, then there’s nojojojo/Nora and Karnythia.  For a long time N & K have been doing most of the heavy lifting around here, for which I’m eternally grateful. Too often I see their awesome posts attributed to myself.  Nope, not me!

Some of the fault lies with the last theme/template, which did not have the byline properly large and noticeable. I tried to fix that with the current theme. You may also notice that now posts have a little avatar associated with them.  That will also help, methinks.  The avatars may change periodically, but they will change on all posts, so you’ll always see whatever one is in play.

Here are the current avatars:

nojojojo ABW karnythia

The more you know!

One thought on “There are Three of Us, Yanno”

  1. rys says:

    Hey, ABW —

    Regarding avatars, yours is quite evocative — a facial expression of intelligent skepticism, like, “so you got something worthwhile to contribute?” It reminds me of alicia keyes’ character June in the movie “The Secret Life of Bees”. Mostly quiet, assertive when need be, proud, and (like all of us) a bit vulnerable from past hurts, but not crippled by that. A whole person. That’s quite a lot to pack into an avatar. My compliments to the artist, and to you, N and K for an engaging blog.


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