Smarter people than me

Sorry for being quiet lately, ya’ll. I can’t speak for the other guest bloggers at ABW, but for my own part this summer has been insane, and won’t be slowing down for awhile. In part my problem is overcommitment; I’m working full-time while also trying to write full-time (uh… guess I should mention sometime that I got a book deal, huh?), and that’s leaving me just enough leftover time to eat, sleep, and occasionally have a life. So in lieu of writing interesting new content for you myself, I shall direct you to fun stuff I’ve seen in the last few days.

First and foremost: last week was International Blog Against Racism Week (IBARW) 3, this time on the theme of “intersectionality”. (My own humble contribution here.) So if you’re starved for stuff to read here, there’s lots of good stuff to read there, including some personal faves:

And unrelated to IBARW, but still illuminating:

-Brownfemipower on the John Edwards cheating controversy. I’d been dismissing this as yet another attempt by the right and the MSM to handwave a president who’s killed thousands and bankrupted the country by raising the terrifying specter of an almost-president who ::gasp:: got laid, but BFP’s got some really good points here. I’m rethinking my position.

-Gacked from Pam Noles, who gacked from Angry Asian Man, both of whom you should gack this from because it’s just well done; pass it on:



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