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Why this bitch is losing my voice…

Posted by: Shark-Fu

A bitch is beyond excited to be guest posting here in the land of The Angry Black Woman…even though it will do nothing to dispel those rumors that we are the same angry black person (wink).

Shall we?

The other night I caught the Super Tuesday primary coverage. Thanks to the blessing of TiVo, I was able to move from channel to channel…shit, even PBS got in on the action!

After around three hours my girlfriend called up to rant.

GF… “Why the hell do these assholes always talk about women voters separate from Hispanic voters? Shit, now I know what you’ve been bitching about. It’s like I’m fucking invisible! No wonder government fails to address my concerns – they never register on a poll!”


The woman is brilliant.

See, I’ve been bitching for years about the invisibility of women of color in political analysis because it leads to an invisibility of women of color in the political process and that leads to the invisibility of women of color in the development of political policy.

There’s a reason behind the rants and a purpose to my challenge.

Just imagine how much better we’d understand the issues important to women if women of color were included in the analysis of “the women vote” rather than lumped into the 18 – 70+ broad as hell and insultingly generic “Black vote” or “Hispanic vote”.

But that’d be too much like right.


So instead, thousands upon thousands of women of color listened to the reigning political talking heads pontificate about women voters, Black voters and Hispanic voters all the while screaming at the television set…

“Hey asshole, “women” ain’t one size fits all!”

…and that explains why this bitch is losing my voice.


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8 thoughts on “Why this bitch is losing my voice…”

  1. Kay says:

    Okay this has nothing to do with gender, race etc… I’m starting to get frustrated, so now I’m a frustrated white woman. The problem is that the N.M. Democratic Party is broke and didn’t have the funds to run a decent caucus. While there are more people active in the party there aren’t enough volunteers, so as a result the N.M. Republican Party is having a field day with this.

    N.M. Democrats to recount all caucus ballots

    The New Mexico Democratic Party announced Thursday that it will recounting all of the votes cast in Tuesday’s presidential caucus in addition to the 17,000 provisional ballots that haven’t yet been counted.

    Party chairman Brian Colon says the party and the campaigns of Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama all agreed it was important to conduct a recount in order to assure that there is an accurate tally of all ballots cast.

    There was no prediction when the recount would be completed.

    Initially, the party announced that the only obstacle to a final tally was counting the 17,000 provisional ballots – paper ballots cast by people who showed up at the wrong polling place or voters whose eligibility was in question.

    Party officials, election judges, campaign representatives and others gathered Thursday at the Northeast Heights accounting firm that is tabulating the ballots.

    New Mexico is the last of 22 states that held Democratic primaries and caucuses to report a winner.

    With 183 of 184 of precincts reporting, Hillary Rodham Clinton held a lead Thursday of 1,123 votes over Barack Obama.

  2. Shark-Fu says:


    Thanks for explaining what’s going on in NM. National media is barely covering this!

    That’s worthy of frustration…BIG TIME.

    Missouri may recount too, but that has more to do with political positioning than a true lack of resources.

    Let us know if we can help in any way…

  3. regina says:

    wow, I had not heard that NM was recounting…

  4. Angel H. says:

    Shark-Fu: Brilliant!

    Re: New Mexico. Anyone else feeling deja-vu?

  5. Shark-Fu says:

    The NM recount finally hit the news cycle today but in a rather mocking way. Having recently visited New Mexico and fallen in love with it, I’m disturbed that such a crucial state is going through a Florida 2000 drama.

    Counting takes time but it eventually gets done…unless the courts step in.

    Hang in there, New Mexico!

  6. the angry black woman says:

    What hope do we have if this stuff is already a problem and it’s only the primaries?

  7. heavyarmor says:

    “Why the hell do these assholes always talk about women voters separate from Hispanic voters?”

    This is the very basis of the “Missing Black Women Foundation” post. It is clearly understood (by TPTB and TIIC) that ‘women’ just means “White Women,” because White women don’t know their place (although they should). When speaking of other PoC, there is no subset for WoC because ‘those women know their place.’ Note, however, that WoC and PoC will separate as choices under various circumstances, none of which have anything to with whatever the topic being discussed (much like the many dust-ups about Terry McMillan and her books/movie releases).

    In other words, Women don’t matter, and WoC don’t count, ever. PoC in general don’t count either, especially if something bad happens to them and only them (like being killed by police during “routine traffic stops” and “warrant process servings”), but WoC are even more marginalized by the mere fact that PoC defaults as Men.

    “Liberty and Justice for All” indeed.

  8. soyjunki says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I cannot say how frustrating it has been to once again be totally eliminated from the discussion. It’s as if I do not exist. Mainstream media cannot begin to engage in critical analysis and or conversations regarding the multiplicities of identity because mainstream media is just that mainstream and simple.

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