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ABW’s TV Corner: Fall TV – Want/Do Not Want

Fall is upon us.  That means new TV shows on the horizon and season premieres up the wazoo.  Ah, when I was a child this was the only thing that lifted my mood after having to return to the evil that was school.

Of course, it’s all different now.  Back then the summer was a time for reruns (you suck, reruns!) and movies of the week (more sucking!).  American television finally caught on tot he fact that some money could be made off of people desperate to watch something new in the warm months.  Suddenly the Season Schedule wasn’t so easy to predict; stuff might get started in January and run through August or there might be shows that come on only in the summer.  We’re never without some new TV these days.  And that’s fine with me.

Still, Fall is exciting.  Lots of new stuff to watch.

I’m excited about Heroes, even though that finale made me cry out in pain.  At least they finished the plot arc!  I really don’t care about the conclusion to the cliffhanger on CSI, but I’m glad it’s back.  Same for NUMB3RS.  I want to know what happens to Colby!!  I watched the first season of Dexter this summer and completely fell in love with it.  Can’t decide if I should watch it every week or wait until it’s all done and then watch.  Family Guy is back – I think Fox will never cancel this show, even if it continues to suck in many ways, for fear of making another huge mistake.  Sadly, I will watch it, even if it continues to suck in many ways, for the few moments of joy it brings me.

Of the new shows, Journeyman looks interesting, as does Pushing Daisies.   Reaper might be amusing or it might be stupid.  As I have yet to see a whiff of brown people in it, I may not even bother.  I want to watch Cane because Jimmy Smits still lives in my heart, despite Star Wars and that terrible production of Twelfth Night I saw him in.  Plus, you know, brown man as lead on television.  It must be worth something.  I never watched the old Bionic Woman, so it has no nostalgia value for me.  But Michelle Ryan is a good actress and excellent eye candy (if I can just stop mistaking her for Jennifer Garner).  Women’s Murder Club – all female lead cast, mysteries being solved, Angie Harmon?  YES.

What are you all looking forward to?  I declare Open Thread for talking about TV.  It’s the weekend, we can have a little fluff.

8 thoughts on “ABW’s TV Corner: Fall TV – Want/Do Not Want”

  1. Ellen says:

    I was just watching the first couple of episodes of the second season of Dexter a couple nights ago (eee!) and wondered, “Has ABW seen this show?” Aside from the fact that I think it’s fantastically plotted and (usually) written, it’s got a remarkable number of minority actors in the supporting cast. Do you have any plans of writing a post about it?

  2. Renee says:

    CSI Miami, House, Bones( Because David is way funnier as Booth than Angel), Grey’s Anatomy and Prison Break and yes Desperate Housewives. And eventually 24 and Lost.

  3. Margie says:

    I will definitely be watching Bionic Woman … the more I learn about the show the more I like it. Also Medium sucked me in last season, and of course Brothers & Sisters and Grey’s Anatomy.

  4. Kate Elliott says:

    There was a big article in our local paper’s Sunday section about the fall tv season, and as far as I could tell, the diversity in casting looks WORSE. than in previous years. And that’s saying something. Augh! I’m definitely in a Do Not Want mood.

    Meanwhile, I haven’t seen DEXTER.

  5. Angel H. says:

    Did anyone catch that fall preview show for The CW? Their line-up consist of 2 types of shows – “Funny Black People”, and “Pretty White People with Problems”.

    I hadn’t heard about “Women’s Murder Club” until now. I’ll be waiting for that, and “Reaper”.

    Also, the more I watch “Eureka”, the more it pisses me off: Why are they making Allison so freaking stupid?!! Stark is using the boy to get to artifact, girl!!! Open your eyes!!!

  6. Angel H. says:

    And am I the only psyched that the new season of “Avatar” is ***finally*** coming out?!! :-D

  7. the angry black woman says:

    After the Eureka episode week before last I was so disgusted that I haven’t bothered to download last week’s episode. I’ll do it, eventually, because sometimes I get bored. And it’s almost over. And I might as well see the season to it’s end. but, honestly, i can;t get excited. They completely destroyed the possibility of Ali and Jack as a couple, made her give Nathan a second chance, which makes NO sense, and everything everyone does is annoying and dumb.

    Ellen – I loved the first season of Dexter! I’ll write about it soon, especially since the second season is about to start.

    I gave up on Lost. I will watch it all in one long sitting when the entire series is over. or when it’s about to be over.

    Also, Avatar? gah… I am so sick of hearing about that cartoon. ;)

  8. kaizoku says:

    Did you hear there’s going to be a “Cavemen” TV show? Based off of the GEICO advertisements…

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