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Theme Test Run: Digg

ETA: Thanks for your input, everyone!  The response to Digg was overwhelmingly positive and I personally like it a lot.  So I’ve chosen this for my new theme. 

I think this will be the final test theme I try out. Unless WordPress gives us a new theme in the next 3 days. Digg has some promise! And I can customize the header to reinstate the little South Park me. (The image up there is just a mock up for if I choose this theme. The text is pixel-y, yes.) Though this one doesn’t have a fluid-width center column, the fixed width is a pretty good one.

I’ve resigned myself to purchasing the Custom CSS upgrade. There are still a few link modifications I’d have to make, and I want the sidebar text to be a little smaller. Still, this one combines the best parts of some others I’ve tried.

So, what do you think of Digg? Suggestions and comments, as always, are appreciated.

To see a screenshot of my last test theme, click here.

Don’t understand what’s going on? Read about it here.

12 thoughts on “Theme Test Run: Digg”

  1. Dianne says:

    I like this one. I particularly like the return of South Park you and the Monopoly card.

  2. Ericka says:

    I like this one a lot. It’s clean and crisp. It doesn’t collapse the center text into a one-inch wide column when I collapse my screen. It doesn’t have much personality so personality may easily be imposed upon it.


  3. Tlönista says:

    Oooh! This is my favourite so far. I like your South Park character in the header.

  4. Susan Francis says:

    I second (er … fourth) the approval. If you customise it I hope you make the followed links a different colour, which would be particularly useful in spotting where I’ve got to on the comment track. Otherwise, it’s all good.

  5. Revena says:

    This one’s my favorite of them.

  6. the angry black woman says:


    Yes, since I will purchase an custom css upgrade when I decide on a theme, I’ll make sure visited links change color. Maybe they’ll turn green.

    So far I like this theme, though I wish the middle column is variable-width like with Andreas and Garland. There are pros and cons to every style. I guess, since it’s a free service, one cannot demand perfection. :)

  7. nojojojo says:

    I like this much better; the other themes were kind of dull. But part of the reason I like it is the South Park icon and I *love* that race card thingie, so as long as you stick those in any theme, I’ll be happy. =)

  8. La - msviswan says:

    I like this one much better. Perhaps you could also put more visual content in the header? It looks a little spaced out a bit. Great job though.

  9. Susan Francis says:


    Having delurked as a usability nerd, I guess I should comment on the actual content sometime …

  10. Josh Jasper says:

    I missed South Park ABW.

  11. CroMagnon says:

    I like this one the best. For me, black print on a white background is easiest to read. Next best is black print on a light yellow background, which you also have. I like the “race card” and the return of South Park ABW. Even though the width of the middle column is not variable, it is large enough that it is easy to read.

  12. lavalady says:

    I really like this one, it seems to have so much room on the sides, and the tabs on top are great.

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