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Theme Test Run: Andreas

ETA: Thanks for your comments, everyone! They are much appreciated. If you’d like to see what the blog looked like with the Andreas theme, see this screenshot. You can still comment on this theme if you like, but to comment on the theme currently in use, see the link in the “Like the look of this blog” area on the sidebar.

I wanted a 3 column theme because I’m thinking of putting a small adspace at the top of one sidebar (as evidenced by the picture of a sexy man now enjoying real estate on the right) but don’t want to shove all my sidebar widgets down even more. I’m worried that this theme isn’t especially pretty, though.

It comes in several colors, but red seems to be the least objectionable. Black was too muted and green was too bright and happy. I won’t even go into purple and pink.

So tell me, what do you all think? Suggestions and comments are appreciated.

Don’t understand what’s going on? Read about it here.

10 thoughts on “Theme Test Run: Andreas”

  1. Admiral Komack says:

    It looks nice; the red is easy on the eyes.

  2. Skye says:

    I’m not a big fan of it, I think because I’ve seen it used on too many other blogs. But it’s very clean, the fonts are well chosen and scaled, and it’s pretty accessible for people with red-green color blindness since the links are red and bolded, not just red.

  3. lavalady says:

    Three columns are nice for balance, but it seems a bit busy. I do, like the red, both at the top and throughout. I give it a B+

  4. therealpotato says:

    I agree with Lavalady. It’s serviceable, but I think you can do better.

  5. Susan Francis says:

    (Recently acquired lurker, via; aka Legible Susan)
    I like it. The background colours are very pale and when you use colour in the foreground it’s strong, which is good for contrast.
    If you go with a three-column layout, this is the one to use, because people expect to find the main content in the middle.
    I’d like to see how it looks on the laptop I was using a couple of weeks ago; on my current computer, the font sizes are just right.
    – a glasses-wearing usability nerd

  6. Ninja says:

    Liev Schrieber. Very nice.

  7. the angry black woman says:

    I want to have 10,000 of his babies.

  8. claire says:

    i only read you on bloglines so i doesn’t matter to me. but a suggestion: don’t make the center section expandable, b/c then if you want to format stuff, you can’t do it. sorry, i’m being incoherent.

  9. Angel H. says:

    I think it’s a bit crowded.

  10. Kate Elliott says:

    I like the layout, with the column in the middle. My only issue is that I wish the type was a bit larger and darker (for those of us with middle-aged eyesight).

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