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Monthly Archives: April 2007

The N-Word

Continuing on the theme of language… New York City bans racial slur New York City symbolically banned use of the word nigger on Wednesday, the latest step in a campaign that hopes to expunge the most vile of racial slurs from hip hop music and

The N-Word – A Warmup

I just finished reading a book called “The N-Word” that I’m going to talk about/review this week in the context of a larger conversation about language. But to get you all ready, frothing at the mouth, or chomping at the bit for this discussion, I

Required Reading List

I’ve decided that I definitely need a Required Reading List to point people to when they come to this site. I’ll include the posts on White Privilege and Racism and Hair, but I’d also like to point to some posts off site, too. I’m looking

Uncle Tom’s Cabin Quiz

I’m conducting an informal poll here. Ready? Here we go: Without looking it up on the Internet (or anywhere else), can you tell me what Uncle Tom’s Cabin is about? Can you tell me anything about the eponymous character? If you read the book, when