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The Return

Just a quick note to say a few things.

First, I’m back and feeling very zen. Don’t know how long this feeling will continue, but I hope for at least a few more days. However, considering the inkling I have of what went on in the world in my absence I’m almost ready to run back to the mountains for more sitting and becoming one with my center. Jaysus!

Second, I want to thank my wonderful guest blogger NKJ for standing in these two weeks. For what I’ve been able to gather she’s generated some very interesting discussion and kept house extremely well. I knew I’d left you all in very good hands.

Third, I noticed that a few people were moderated/shut down due to bad behavior. In case anyone had any doubt as to how I’d feel or would have handled the situation myself, I must say: in exactly the same way. I’ve seen some of the moderated comments and the rampaging priv. bordered on epic. Mad props to N for being a good judge of when to put an end to foolishness.

On that note, I’d like to remind all readers of my comment policy as outlined in The Rules of Engagement. Since I’ve noticed an upswing of “You’re suppressing my free speech by moderating me!” foolishness lately, I’ll add links to this excellent post on Making Light and this equally excellent post on Whatever to further explain why certain folks will be moderated/shut down if need be.

To sum up: the Right of Free Speech protects Americans from government suppression. That’s it. It does not mean that you can come to my house, abuse my guests, pee on my carpets, and pitch a tent in my living room all while screaming loudly that you have a right to do so. You do not. All you have a right to is your opinion. I am not — nor anyone else anywhere — obligated to let you express your opinion anywhere you wish to. That’s the bottom line.

Fourth, on anonymous commenters (which includes people who do not leave a real email or URL with their posts): I’ve had this blog for a little over a year (the time on blogspot included) and it never fails that someone who comes here to spew craziness and bile very often hides behind a handle, gives a fake email address, and leaves no real URL. In other words, they don’t have the courage to stand behind their statements in any real way. Folks like you will be shut down faster than other folks. Experience has shown that you rarely have anything to add to the discussion.

Regarding the recently banned RabidDog/NewlyConfused/SallyM, I discovered that you share the same IP address as BlueGirl. I also discovered that the email BlueGirl left with each of her comments is fake. So, unfortunately, it seems all that time people spent trying to educate and illuminate was wasted on a troll. This sort of thing really, really pisses me off. For one, people did try to engage BlueGirl in a meaningful way when they thought she was a different person from RabidDog et al (she even said in one comment that she didn’t ‘necessarily agree’ with RD and other trolls). RD knew folks thought BG was another person and played games with everyone here. That’s complete bullshit. If your purpose is not to discuss, learn, and contribute, then go the hell away and stop wasting our time.

Actually, I should not call it a waste of time. Though BlueGirl was not being sincere, the discussion she kicked off elicited sincere responses. I hope that people will come to the blog, see the back and forth, and realize something about their own mindset. In this way, the energy was not wasted. Still, if other trolls think that using this technique will keep me from roasting you, you’re dead wrong.

So, IP, you’re banned until further notice. You can attempt to post comments and I’ll review them in the queue, but don’t expect to earn the right to stomp around in here back for a long time.

Anyway, there probably won’t be more new posts until the middle of the week. I need to get caught up with work and such. But I will contribute to some of the discussions that started while I was away. So keep checking in. And, again, much thanks to NKJ for keeping the house in order. I owe you a drink this week! (and some Doctor Who.)

13 thoughts on “The Return”

  1. ABW's Guest Blogger says:

    Dagnabbit! I suspected BG was shady, but I had no way to prove it, and at least people were getting something out of the conversation with “her”. Show me how to check IP addresses when we next talk, so I can spot the wackos better.

  2. pllogan says:

    I wondered why I kept getting those two mixed up…lol

    Welcome back!

  3. David Moles says:

    Can I just say I love the phrase “rampaging privilege”? (The phenomenon itself not so much, obviously.)

  4. D. Psyko says:

    Glad you’re back . I just started reading this blog over the weekend.

  5. Liv says:

    Welcome back…I am contemplating some time away myslef soon.

    I am on a big project but right after that–I may get away too.

    Glad to hear it helped.


  6. transgressingengineer says:

    Thanks for telling us the bit about BlueGirl- that certainly makes me feel better about my last interaction with her/him/it.

    And… welcome back! :)

  7. naamenblog says:

    I’m looking forward to the panel as well! It’ll be great to see what conversations are sparked by it.
    Thanks for the comment it helped calm my nerves (at least a little).

  8. Mike S says:

    I agree that free speech does not mean I can spew crap just to be hateful, just like yelling ‘fire’ is not protected.
    Besides, this is YOUR space and you are promoting HEALTHY discussion. Bravo.

    Speech is free, but has consequences..I fully expect to be pummeled if I disrespect someones wife or mother.

    You will love this, I was posting on another board and it was a healthy discussion, except for one idiot that was posting disgusting racist pictures and comments. I asked him if he would say this to black peoples faces and he said yes.

    The moron was stupid enough to use a screen name that he uses on everything else, including Christian dating sites, complete with his pic.

    I posted his name, address, employer and pics. Others contacted his employer im sure.

    I have a question, what happened to the blog about the couch that had the N word on the tag? I proved it wasnt racism…..Dont you think that it is important to point out that things are not always as they seem and racism is sometimes perceived, not real?

  9. the angry black woman says:

    Mike, you didn’t actually prove that the couch incident wasn’t racism. Not by a longshot. I replied over there. You’ll have to search the site or go to the bottom of the main page and click “older entries” or “Next page” to find it.

  10. Mike S says:

    Do you think that someone INTENDED to be a racist in the couch deal?

    To me, intent is EVERYTHING. Look at what happened to me….If someone wanted to push it, I could have been accused of being racist, even though Microsoft Spell Check did it….

  11. Deoridhe says:

    To me, intent is EVERYTHING.

    So, since drunk drivers don’t INTEND to kill anyone, they shouldn’t be charged if they’re driving drunk and someone UNINTENTIONALLY happens to die?

    Intent is important, but it’s hardly EVERYTHING.

  12. transgressingengineer says:

    I don’t buy the intent arguement, Mike S. If people cared half as much about IMPACT as they did about intent, then we would be making headway.

  13. the angry black woman says:

    Intent is very important, but you can only examine intent so far. There are many levels of racism. People can be racist or say racist things or do racist actions without intending to be racist. Ignborance as an excuse only gets you so far in life. And if you’re a business, especially an international business, and your company is riddled with ignorance, then you have more than one problem and deserve to be sued.

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