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Dear Black People

Here’s the thing. I have no idea if I’m supposed to be offended by this video or not. But I don’t care. Cuz I haven’t laughed this damn hard in at least three days.


Found on this blog, which I might actually decide to find offensive later.

8 thoughts on “Dear Black People”

  1. theseus says:

    Well, let me know, because it’s very important to me what you find offensive. And seriously, if you don’t find it offensive, you’re not looking hard enough.



  2. the angry black woman says:

    “it’s very important to me what you find offensive.”


  3. theseus says:

    That was satire. =7

  4. nezua limón xolagrafik-jonez says:

    that shit had me laughing so hard. “you cant apologize for 400 fuckin years of oppression with ….” just the tone of his non-conciliatory voice was hilarious.

  5. honestpoet says:

    ABW, I can’t comment on the video because it’s no longer available, but I certainly found the website offensive.

    Yours, however, I find hilarious and will add to my blogroll. I’ll have to figure out a new category for it, though. Any preferences?

  6. Leo says:

    Why is the video now censored? Free Speech does not exist in Amerika!

  7. Gentri says:

    Well.. Here’s some more shtuff.

  8. Ericka says:

    you can still access the video if you go directly and type “dear black people” in the search box……funny! :)

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