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Yearly Archives: 2006

Connie Willis Wins Ninth Hugo, Sets Record

Connie Willis won her ninth Hugo at WorldCon last weekend. The novella, Inside Job, is available to read online. Go witness her genius. Back when I was an angry black little girl, I started reading science fiction magazines. Inside these magazines were advertisements for the

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Last week I took my life into my own hands, got on a plane, and went all the way to California to attend the World Science Fiction Convention, known to those in the know as WorldCon. I’ve mentioned before that I’m an SF/F fan and

Comment Highlights

See, already posting too much today. Another thing I have wanted to do is point out certain comments that you might have missed (like I did with Wendy’s on the Pirates movie). I’ll try to consolidate these into one or two posts a week. In

The Rules Of Engagement

Since I moved this blog over to WordPress, I figured I’d revise and update The Rules Of Engagement to reflect current policies.  WordPress allows me to not only moderate comments, but to edit comments as well.  Moderation is only on for spam (a filter I

Wednesday Link Extravaganza

Many times I come across articles or discussions that i’d like to point to, but don’t want to clutter up the blog with one every five minutes. Instead, I’m going to do twice-weekly link roundups. If I find I need to, it’ll be daily (say

I’m Not Dead

Just incredibly busy. Every now an then real life intrudes and blogging is the first thing to go. Sorry about that! I’ll get back to regular posting soon. I’ll also deal with that weird person in the comments on the last post. Right now I’m

White Liberal Guilt

Over in the comments on the Pirates post Wendy said something very prescient: I didn’t think about the racism at the … but now, dammit, you’ve made me think about the racism. Grr! I hate racism! I hate finding myself colluding with it, mentally, even