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Monday Link Roundup

I meant to do this yesterday, sorry.

Some posts and discussions you all might find interesting:

On Ally Work, Rachel S has a very good post titled: Untangling Two Myths: Tragic Mulatto is a Myth and Race is Not Culture. The spring board is this comment from another blog:

Why is no one worried about the mixed cultural identity/confusion of the child in one of these relationships? I hear talk that cultures can co-exist but the fact is they don’t really. They compete with one another until one eventually wins out. If that doesn’t happen, the child will no doubt struggle with identity issues throughout his/her life and never truly belong to either.

Her response is detailed and spot on:

The notion that a multiracial person is somehow confused or troubled extends well into American history, and it is called the tragic mulatto myth. This myth assumes that biracial or multiracial people are confused, lost souls who are accepted by no one. From what I have seen, this is often a form of projection.

Read the whole thing (and the links!).

Slant Truth reposts an essay (article?) on The Common Elements of Oppressions.

It is virtually impossible to view one oppression, such as sexism or homophobia, in isolation because they are all connected: sexism, racism, homophobia, classism, ableism, anti-Semitism, ageism. … Each is terrible and destructive. To eliminate one oppression successfully, a movement has to include work to eliminate them all or else success will always be limited and incomplete.

Thought it might interest some of you in light of the Cesar Milan wank Violet sparked. In a different post, Kevin gives us his own thoughts on the matter: “I can not and will not accept any philosophy or thought that believes that ending one form of oppression will end all other forms of oppression. I can only wish the world was that simple.”

Nubian shares with us the website, which is dedicated to exposing absentee “baby-daddies”. In her readings of reactions to this website, she finds this:

I have no sympathy for any woman of any color who decides to have multiple children by multiple fathers out of wedlock. It’s gross. In every sense of the word. … For [70%] of black children to be born out of wedlock to black women, I would have to say that illegitimacy has become a part of our culture. How do we solve it? Black women need to either (1) close their legs with chicken wire or (2) get married.

Nubian’s response begins with: i can almost taste the hatred of black women from this quote. can’t you?

Yeah, yeah I can. Go read the rest.

I found some more reactions to the Cesar Milan NY Times op-ed piece. Apparently some of his fans are upset at the negative vibes surrounding his technique. A few of them even commented on the sexism charge. On the Television Without Pity forum:

> A magazine with a feminist slant that I read had a little article about Caesar: basically saying they thought the show was great and empowering to women. I would agreed with that sentiment.

>> I’m currently reading his latest book and he actually addresses “Mexican machismo” (the book’s words) and how he almost lost his wife over it. He credits his wife with opening his eyes towards his attitude of “it’s all about me and my career first and you should bow to that” and he came to realize he’s a partner with his wife and how important women (and moms) are in general. He’s so far from being a sexist, IMO.

>>> Upthread awhile I posted about how often and passionately Cesar has talked about the empowerment of women! He has talked about how much he likes it when a woman finds her power. I am also a feminst who would run screaming from a show with the slightest hint of sexism.

Over on Yahoo someone is asking if people like Cesar, and the answer seems to be yes.

I am wondering if his words are less along the lines of being a sexist man and more along the lines of being a man who says sexist things. I see it with racism a lot. You get people who are generally well-meaning, open-minded, and not bigoted, but they may still hold some subconscious racist beliefs or act on racist impulses. Even without realizing. That doesn’t let them off the hook, and it can sometimes be even more difficult to talk to people who insist they aren’t racist, but at least you’re not dealing with someone actively hateful. That may be the case with Cesar. However, as I do not know him, I can’t sit him down and talk to him about his words.

Here are some things I plan to blog about this week:

I came across this post – Admitting Men is Treason? – while tag surfing.

I am one who supports the right of private organizations and clubs to set the rules for who is in and out. … Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, a 115-year-old institution, has recently by a vote of 25-2 decided to go coed. Now, I have no objections to them remaining a single-sex school, as that is a internal decision. This vote has outraged many of the female students. Where is the feminist crying out against what was discrimination against men, and why such outrage over the admission of men?

And, if that wasn’t bad enough, the kicker:

I support an egalitarian society, however, have never supported the feminist movement. Their interest has always been in making men second class citizens and an agenda of hypocrisy.

I’m glad this person is here to tell me what my interests are as a feminist. Beyond that, his (or her) complete ignorance of the issues and reasons for having an all-women college and why that’s not ‘reverse sexism’ or some other bullshit is typical, but still depressing. More on that later.

Rapper 50 Cent arrested in New York

Rapper 50 Cent was arrested for traffic offenses while driving a silver, open-topped Lamborghini on Friday, generating a crowd that cheered the recording artist and jeered police as they handcuffed him.

I have a scan from the New York Post on this that makes me really angry. Also, it seems to me that this may be a DWB thing. The eyewitness accounts don’t quite match up with the police report or whatnot. But, as I said, more later.

And, of course, the inevitable 9/11 post will be later today. Feel my joy.

Comment roundup soon.