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The Rules Of Engagement

Since I moved this blog over to WordPress, I figured I’d revise and update The Rules Of Engagement to reflect current policies. 

WordPress allows me to not only moderate comments, but to edit comments as well.  Moderation is only on for spam (a filter I will check daily).  Anonymous folks can still comment, you don’t need to sign into anything.  If your comment doesn’t show up right away, don’t worry, I’d pluck it out of the spam if it accidentally ends up there. 

While Anon commenting is allowed, be aware that anyone who comes to this blog, leaves a comment expressing a contrary or unpopular opinion, then doesn’t sign their name or identify themselves in any way, won’t be cut any slack.  If you have strong beliefs and convictions, stand by them. 

This may sound quite hypocritical coming from a person who blogs as “The Angry Black Woman”. The answer to that is simple: it doesn’t take much ‘investigation’ to figure out who I am. There are several posts that point to my other efforts (LJ, my personal website, etc.) and, with very little searching, you can find posts by me elsewhere claiming this blog as my own. I don’t make it overly blatant because I usually keep my various online identities separate so that folks who don’t care that I’m angry and black can ignore this and folks who don’t care that I sold a story to a magazine can ignore that.

So, you anonymous people need to step up the way the rest of us step up. Your brand of silliness not tolerated here. 

I will not delete comments merely for being Anonymous, nor will I delete comments that disagree with me or even those who argue.  All of that is fine.  However, I will not tolerate bullies.  You will not abuse other commenters.  You will not troll.  If you do, I will roast you. 

Yes, I will ridicule you, your beliefs, and your mother. 

Frequent trolling will result in a Nielsen Hayden style de-voweling.  And I will enjoy it. 

Your White Privilege will not be allowed to flourish here. Don’t like it? Go away. 

As for the rest of you: I’m glad you stuck around.

2 thoughts on “The Rules Of Engagement”

  1. Teresa Nielsen Hayden says:

    Good for you.

    I don’t particularly want my white privilege, but I’m sort of stuck with it. It’s a shameful thing to have to admit, but I’m certain I’d miss it if it were gone. Over fifty years, you build up a lot of habits.

    I know you have it harder than I do. I know you get hit with worse sht than I would ever have imagined, if my colored friends hadn’t been so kind as to explain it to me. If disemvowelling helps you hit back, I’m glad.

    I’ll stick around and keep reading.

  2. the angry black woman says:

    You are most certainly always welcome to keep reading :)

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