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See, already posting too much today.

Another thing I have wanted to do is point out certain comments that you might have missed (like I did with Wendy’s on the Pirates movie). I’ll try to consolidate these into one or two posts a week.

In Things You Need To Understand #2 – Tubman’s Law, swere writes:

another example Tubman’s Law is co-opting Civil Right speeches to support racist notions. E.g. “I don’t see color, I judge people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.”

Yes. Double yes.

In Cannibals of the Caribbean, Laurel writes:

“I was actually so uncomfortable in the theater that I leaned over to my girlfriend… and said ‘Dude, can they still make movies like this?!?'”

Yes, they can, and do, and will again.

In Always Blogging Against Racism, Anonymouse writes:

“You depress me with your constant jibber jabber — all whites are racist. Its fuuny anything I or any other white seem to say can be considered racist. The fact that you are sensitive about race is proving that you live in a world controled by skin color… You are the one keeping the racial tensions alive. Cut the ‘everyone is picking on me’ crap and grow up.”

This is provided so that everyone can point and laugh.

Keep ’em coming!

One thought on “Comment Highlights”

  1. Absorbant says:

    good to see you are back!
    During the time out, the NO’s unhappy-anniversary has brought some excellent insights blog-wise.

    the news-worthy

    the amazing GBitch:

    and ProffessorZero:

    Introduction needed about me:
    I’m a whiteman who grew up in totally mixed area, and was just as discriminated by snotty teachers because I refused to comply with the shit being taught to my friends, my folks were out-there hippies ostracised by others. And all in the town that houses a recently well-publicised terrorist threat in the UK.
    ‘Absorbent’ had already been taken, but ‘Absorbant’ was close enough. It refers to the shock-absorber, punchbag of my life, and to the mopping-up-propensity of a sponge after a spill, this is point where the incorpating of learning happens.

    And yes, I speak in metaphors.

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